What Type Of Partner Aubrey Plaza Would Be Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Honestly, Aubrey Plaza could even be a toxic Capri Sun who sends you a "you up?" text every Wednesday at 2 a.m. and she'd still deserve a swipe right. The actress, who's known for her quirky characters — like playing April Ludgate, the intern who couldn't care less on "Parks and Rec" — is just as iconic and enigmatic in real life. In interviews and paparazzi shots, Plaza wears the same deadpan expressions that reveal absolutely nothing about her, except for the fact that she is unfathomably cool and we want to be her.

Her more private nature might be a little disheartening for those who want to know more about her (particularly if you stan hard). However, there's good news, as Plaza's birth chart reveals a lot more about who she could be as a partner and as a person, so you can further your delusions on what it would be like to have Plaza bring you coffee in bed (while her IRL husband gets to experience it in the real world)!

Aubrey Plaza's sun sign is Cancer, which means she's super in touch with her emotions

Aubrey Plaza was born on June 26 in 1984, according to Elite Daily, which means that her sun sign is Cancer. And as astrologer Lisa Stardust told Bustle, "The sun is our ego and will. It shows what motivates and drives us, what pushes us to success."  represents the core of who you are and for Plaza, that means she's highly attuned to her emotions and can take a while to reveal her true self to you, per Allure. Cancer is also ruled by the moon, a planet that allows for depth of feeling and maternal tendencies, according to Bustle, so chances are, Plaza would be sensitive and protective of you while loving you deeply. She might also look for security in her relationships as opposed to casual situationships, per AstroStyle.

If you need more green flags, Plaza's moon sign is Gemini — which explains her easy banter and wit, according to Cafe Astrology. But that means that when she gets upset and moody, she's going to want to talk things out. We see nothing but the ideal partner here! To conclude this fan essay in our true stan nature, Aubrey Plaza may be married to her longtime love Jeff Baena, but that will not stop us from carving our initials together.