Mathew Shea Reveals His Favorite Moment From This Season Of Below Deck Med

There are tons of highlights when it comes to Bravo's "Below Deck Med". With a camera crew following the cast and the charter guests around all season, you see the highs and lows of everyone involved. There's no one from the Season 6 cast that knows that better than the chef. Despite the lows, there were indeed plenty of highs as well. You know, once he got a second chance to stick around. We're talking about Chef Mathew Shea, who recently shared his favorite moment on "Below Deck Med" with his Instagram followers, and let's just say that it wasn't the first night.

Shea's first season of "Below Deck Med" started off rocky. After a panic attack that manifested as a knee injury, Shea almost walked away from the boat after the first night. Thankfully, he did not, and he stayed for the entire season and make those magical food memories. His aforementioned favorite memory features one of his favorite clients and meals made, according to Bravo, and the passenger and meal in question might surprise you.

Chef Mathew Shea loved baking a cake with the kids

Chef Mathew Shea got glowing reviews on just about every meal he made on his season of "Below Deck Med." In fact, Captain Sandy Yawn was one of the only ones to critique his cooking at all. There was one meal that took the cake though — literally.

According to Bravo, Shea's favorite moment on the show (which he posted to Instagram in July) was when he baked a cake with Roy Orbison III and Bo Orbison, the children of charter guests Roy Orbison Jr. and Asa Hallgren. "It's so fun cooking for kids," Shea tells Bravo. "Who doesn't love pizza and pasta and kids food? I ordered off the kids menu the last time I stayed at a resort."

That wasn't the only time that Shea baked a cake on the show. The other cake, unfortunately, didn't go over as well as the magical cake moment that the chef named one of his favorites. The other cake was a bit underwhelming, as Courtney Veale, a Below Deck Steward, helped decorate it (via Bravo). As Courtney said on-air, it looked like "someone's just made it for an [eight]-year-old's birthday." Even with a pretty great food track record aboard the boat, not every dessert can be a winner. 

Mathew Shea might not get a chance to make another favorite moment

While there are highs and lows of every season, normally they stop on-screen. Not on "Below Deck Med," Season 6 though. The reunion got a little heated for Chef Mathew Shea — no pun intended. Via Metro UK, during the "Below Deck Med" Season 6 Reunion, Shea said, "I think Sandy's one of the worst captains I've ever worked with in my 15 years on boats." 

Considering that Sandy is the captain of "Below Deck Med," there's a good chance that Shea won't be back. Especially considering that she did not raise her hand (though everyone else did) at the reunion when the cast was asked who would consider working with Shea again, according to Metro UK. Courtney Veale stuck up for Captain Sandy saying, "I think that's slightly too far Mathew. The issue was that Captain Sandy has not seen everything that happened on the nights out ... I understand from a Captain's point of view, it's hard to employ somebody when they're unreliable and they quit."

Bottom line: Shea might want to soak in his stand-out moment baking cake with the boys. Because this could be the last highlight he gets on-screen.