Here's What We Know About Harry Styles' New Beauty Line

Harry Styles has proven during his time in the spotlight, that's he's so much more than simply a singer — he's a movement. Not only is the "Watermelon Sugar" singer insanely talented and having a surprisingly successful solo career that almost rivals his time with One Direction, he also steals hearts for a living. When he's not on stage on his "Love on Tour" tour, the singer is splattered all across social media with fans obsessing over his every moment, and especially every look he puts together. Styles' unique approach to using fashion and beauty to unapologetically express himself is just one of the many reasons fans love him, and he's even inspired them to start experimenting with bold looks at every tour venue (via CBS News). 

For years, Styles has been breaking the mold when it comes to defying the expectations of how a male singer should be. Styles challenges societal gender norms and simply expresses himself however he likes. The singer has become known for dropping jaws with his stunning looks from freeing the nipple at the Met Gala 2021 with his sheer Gucci ensemble, to him frolicking in a dress on the cover of Vogue (via Vogue). It was only natural that Styles' next business venture would be in the world of creative expression: beauty. 

Harry Styles' beauty range consists of nail polishes and skincare

On November 15th, 2021 Harry Styles took to Instagram to reveal of new beauty brand, Pleasing, featuring his hands with multiple shades of nail polish. Styles dropping a beauty brand has been suspected on Twitter for months now, but the infamous beauty-scoop account @Trendmood1 revealed the scoop on the brand a day in advance on Instagram sharing the breakdown of products that would be launched. 

The Pleasing website has officially launched and can be shopped online. The range includes nail polishes and skin care. Pleasing nail polishes come in black, white, pink, and a pearly color and are sold in a set for $65 (via Page Six). The skin care range consists of The Pearlescent Illuminating Serum for $35 and The Pleasing Pen, which is an eye and lip cream with a cooling roller tip for $30. The launch also teased nail stickers that consist of letters and merch that should be dropping soon. 

On the @Pleasing TikTok account, a video was shared showcasing the range with Styles' iconic voice sharing what the brand is all about. Styles said, "We're a life brand that moves to wherever there's something pleasing to be found. Our mission is to bring joyful experience and products that excite the senses and blow the boundaries. We're pleasing, never perfect." With a beautiful message and even more beautiful packaging, the brand is sure to be a huge hit.