The Truth About I Love A Mama's Boy's Shekeb And Emily

TLC's "I Love A Mama's Boy" has an irresistible hook; the show follows couples struggling to deal with an overbearing mother-in-law, or prospective mother-in-law, hellbent on being the only woman in her son's life. Of all the featured couples, Shekeb and Emily are arguably the most talked-about. This is partly because, as The Cinemaholic notes, Shekeb's mom, Laila, hasn't exactly been shy about making her feelings about Emily known. Suffice it to say, she'd rather her son date almost anybody else. 

Shekeb and Emily fell in love "at first sight" and they're on track to move in together, get married, and have babies. But Laila's vice-like grip on her son has made it tough for these two to create a life together. Much of the drama on "I Love A Mama's Boy" comes from wondering whether the unlikely couple is going to be able to make it work in the long run. Unfortunately, it's not just Laila who believes Shekeb and Emily are doomed to fail. Fans of the show are increasingly drawing the same conclusion.

Can Shekeb and Emily make their relationship work?

According to The Cinemaholic, Shekeb gushed "we instantly just clicked" of his initial meeting with Emily. In fact, they'd already been together a couple years when "I Love A Mama's Boy" began filming. Every time the couple tries to take a step forward, however, Laila is there to reiterate "Shekeb is mine." She and Emily fought frequently during the first 2 Seasons, with Shekeb mostly taking a backseat rather than standing up for Emily. This caused her to argue that "His whole life revolves around his mother." Although Season 2 of the show kicked off with the couple discussing their future in a more realistic manner, Shekeb and Emily clashed over whether she should work or be a stay-at-home mom, since Emily is seemingly looking forward to a life of luxury.

As Meaww notes, things got significantly worse when Shekeb gave Emily a promise ring rather than the $40,000 engagement ring she'd demanded. Emily felt disrespected and even threw the ring away after deciding it was cheap. Although Emily tried to make amends, when she spotted Laila wearing the ring, she flipped out, leading fans online to describe her as "crazy" and "disrespectful," among other things. Despite everything, though, the couple is still together, although they typically promote the show on social media rather than sharing photos of each other. Fans, meanwhile, are split over who should really leave whom. Either way, though, they doubt Shekeb and Emily will go the distance.