What Makes Mejuri Unique From Other Jewelry Brands

While it would be fun if everyone could easily afford that infamous Tiffany & Co. blue box, our credit cards would very quickly reach their max. A few years back, the only affordable alternative was jewelry that would end up turning your skin green, but the affordable jewelry market has grown exponentially since. Fine jewelry has become the new go-to, with online brands offering dainty, luxurious, and quality jewelry at a mid-range price point that's actually attainable.

Many fine jewelry fans would say that Mejuri spearheaded this movement. Of the countless online jewelry brands out there, none have managed to grow a fan base as loyal as Mejuri's. Since its inception, Mejuri has managed to constantly top every list of the best affordable jewelry options (via Glamour). Finally, there was a brand of jewelry that you could see adorning the neck of your favorite celebrity as well as your own.

With fans like Margot Robbie and Oprah backing it, Mejuri has become an increasingly popular jewelry brand (via Woman & Home). So, what's its secret to standing out from other brands?

Mejuri offers full transparency and full support to its customers

Noura Sakkijha, who's the co-founder and CEO of the Toronto-based jewelry brand, spoke to Forbes to break down her thoughts on what makes Mejuri so unique from other jewelry brands. "From high-jewelry to the demi-fine, there are many great brands out there, but what differentiates us as category-defining are our community-driven brand values and refined aesthetic," she said. "We were one of the first brands to launch as a direct-to-consumer fine-jewelry platform for women to buy jewelry for themselves."

Mejuri has always offered full transparency on what the customer is paying for. When browsing its website, you'll find a price breakdown under each item explaining why it's priced that way as well as the insane up-mark you'd be paying at other brands (via Mejuri).

Sakkijha also explained the integral role that the brand's openness with customers has played. "We have nurtured an incredibly strong in-house team who oversee everything from creative (led by founding team member and the right to my left brain, our CCO Justine Lancon) to product design, marketing and technology, customer service, and even distribution," she told the publication. "This allows us to own the customer experience from start to finish, and cultivate a close and direct dialogue with our customers across all channels." Can it get any better than that?