Here's How Tall Cody Ko Really Is

Initially starting out as a software engineer (via The Business of Business) before becoming a popular Vine star, Cody Ko has since become one of YouTube's most successful comedic exports. Both on his own and as part of the comedy rap duo Tiny Meat Gang with Noel Miller, Ko has quickly become one of YouTube's most beloved stars.

Whether you're more familiar with his comedy or his music with Miller, fans of the self-proclaimed "actor/comedian/YouTuber/podcaster/SoundCloud rapper/internet badboy" (via YouTube) are well aware of his height disadvantage. It may seem like a trivial aspect of Ko, but the comedian regularly jokes about being a "short king" to the point where he and Miller made a track about it.

Featuring American musician Blackbear, Ko and Miller's "Short Kings Anthem", they proudly list the benefits of dating guys who are "5 foot something" and "fun size and super nice" (via YouTube). But is Cody Ko actually a short king?

Cody Ko is upset he wasn't listed as one of 2020's top short kings

While Cody Ko hasn't outright confirmed his height, it seems that the YouTuber is 5' 8". In a video titled "Top 10 Short Kings", the YouTuber reacts to a Reddit meme someone of saying they're 6' 2" in their Tinder bio but are actually a "5' 8" little mousy boy" when they meet in real life. Ko doesn't contest this in the video, and gets even more annoyed when The Cut didn't list him as one of the Top 10 Short Kings of 2020.

CelebHeightWiki also lists Ko as 5' 8", and Ko has also argued that he's definitely taller than 5' 6" after posting a comment from someone that said otherwise (via Twitter). His confidence about his height has led fans to look up to the YouTuber even more, with one writing on Reddit that Ko's confidence helped them get over their insecurity about being 5' 7". "[Ko] makes me realize that the impact of my height has on the quality of my life is all in my own head," they wrote.