The Real Difference Between The Revlon And Drybar Blow-Dry Brush

If you're a glam girl on-the-go, then you're probably familiar with blow-dry round brushes. It's the easiest way to dry and style your hair at the same time. The result: everyone thinks you just walked out of a salon. But with so many blow-dry brushes out there, it may be difficult to decide which one will give you the best blowout

Two of the most popular blow-dry round brushes are the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush and Drybar's The Double Shot Blow Dryer Brush. The Revlon brush features an oval barrel with bevelled edges, per Parade. One side of the brush helps smooth the hair, while the other provides volume. The design also allows you to use the brush much closer to the root for added lift, when compared to similar hot air brushes. The Revlon brush has low and high air settings that are heated, as well as a cool setting.

Meanwhile, the Drybar version features an oval barrel as well, but without the bevelled edges. The barrel is smaller and requires hair to be divided into smaller sections than the Revlon one. There are three temperature settings – cool, medium, high. Both of the brushes' bristles are made of nylon, and have ionic technology, according to Ulta.

The Revlon blow-dry brush gives you the best bang for your buck

The main difference between Revlon and Drybar's brushes seems to be the price. The Revlon brush is $60 on the company's website, but is available for as low as $35 at places like Bed Bath & Beyond. Meanwhile, the Drybar version is over double the price of the Revlon one at $150. 

Shay Shull, who runs a lifestyle blog called Mix & Match Mama, found that the Revlon brush pulled out slightly more hair than the Drybar version, and noted that some of her followers complained that the Revlon's temperature was too high. Therefore, if you have thinning or damaged hair, you might benefit from investing in the Drybar version as it tends to pull less hair and has more customizable temperature settings. But for Shull, she liked the larger size of the Revlon brush as it helps dry longer hair faster. Plus, she believes that the Revlon version offers similar end results for a cheaper price — a great deal for a first-timer.

Similarly, YouTuber Risa Does Makeup (above, holding the Revlon round brush) found that the Drybar brush took longer to dry her hair than the Revlon. While Parade claimed that the Revlon brush was louder than the Drybar, Risa turned both of the brushes on during the video and found that both were equally loud. She felt the Revlon brush made her hair smoother, while she saw more frizz and flyaways on the side she used the Drybar version. 

It certainly looks like there's a clear winner here.