Here's What The November 19 Full Moon Means For Air Signs

With the end of every moon cycle comes the chance to refresh, release, and restart. The year is coming to a close, and if you're in tune with the cycles of the moon, you likely feel the importance of the last couple of full moons left in 2021. What makes the November 19 full moon even more special and magical than usual is that it falls on the same day as a partial lunar eclipse (via Space). The second lunar eclipse of 2021 will run for the longest time in the past 580 years, lasting over six hours.

Full moons represent the end of a moon cycle and serve as a time to reflect on how you've spent it and what you wish to release before entering a new cycle. November's "Beaver Moon" offers a chance to transform — after all, with the New Year so close, why not begin making big changes now to set the building blocks to start your year putting your best foot forward? This full moon lands in Taurus, and according to Stylecaster, "Taurus energy is all about our values, self-worth, feelings of safety/security and material concerns." 

There will be magic in the air come November 19, and here's exactly what it represents for air signs.

The "Beaver Moon" is all about reflection for air signs

November's "Beaver Moon" full moon holds a lot of power (via Space). It's important to understand exactly what it means for your sign, and what you should manifest into reality during this unique time. Air signs can especially expect to undergo some real shake-ups when it comes to valuing yourself. 

With a birthday so early in the new year, this full moon is the perfect time for the Aquarius (born between January 20 and February 18) to re-evaluate and reset. According to Popsugar, this full moon will force an Aquarius to shine a light on insecurities they've been avoiding. If this is your sign, push yourself to really question and explore hard emotions you've tried avoiding, and set a clean slate for the new year. 

Confidence isn't something Geminis (those born between May 21 and June 20) struggle with. Use this full moon to shine your "inner light" and remind yourself that you are worthy. Additionally, release any doubts or judgments holding you back from living your life to the fullest (via Cosmopolitan).

Lunar eclipses can reveal a lot, and according to Bustle, that's exactly what this partial eclipse is going to do for Libras (those born between September 23 and October 22). It's a time to dig deep and look into where your life is and where you want it to be. Face the truth head-on so that you can make the changes needed and grow from it.