Do You Need To Be Using Tarte Creaseless Concealer?

When Tarte Cosmetics launched their holy grail Shape Tape Contour Concealer, they became the trusted authority on concealers. While the brand's previous concealer products didn't gain a whole lot of traction, Shape Tape set the standard for releases to follow. Winning Allure's Reader's Choice Award this year as the No. 1 concealer brand (via Tarte Cosmetics), Shape Tape was a tough act to follow.

Shape Tape seemed to instantly become everyone's cult-favorite concealer that did it all. For years, no other concealers really could compete. It was so successful that Tarte Cosmetics launched an entire Shape Tape range of products including setting powders, foundations, and even a setting spray. So when a new Tarte concealer began to circulate as a new must-have, everyone listened. What people didn't realize is that the Tarte Maracuja creaseless concealer is actually just a revamped version of one of Tarte Cosmetics' early product releases that pre-dated the Shape Tape era.

While some may not recognize the original tiny tube of Tarte's Maracuja creaseless concealer, the revamped bottle with a doe-foot applicator has gotten a lot more attention. Even Hilary Duff is a die-hard fan of this concealer — she's one of the rare few (via New Beauty) that has been since its previous packaging!

With Tarte's creaseless concealer, a little bit goes a long way

The new and improved full coverage concealer makes some bold claims: its description claims that it, "Completely covers dark circles, redness [and] more. Encapsulated maracuja spheres create natural dewiness so under eyes look refreshed [and] more awake." Tarte adds, "Waterproof formula doesn't crease or sit in lines. Helps brighten [and] smooth for a lifted appearance. Shows extra love to dry skin with 16-hr hydration." Now those are some high expectations to set (via Tarte Cosmetics).

The creaseless concealer began popping up across countless YouTube beauty accounts with people raving about how truly creaseless this concealer was. It gained even more attention by going viral on TikTok with people claiming the tiniest bit of this concealer goes a long way. Byrdie gave the concealer a 4.5-star rating. They claimed the concealer only required the tiniest bit to completely brighten under-eyes, and it also gave insane coverage and didn't move around or settle in creases, all while keeping under-eyes hydrated.

While countless fans rave about this concealer, there are a fair few opposing reviews that you'll have to consider before going for it. Some users have claimed, "It is not creaseless" or "Way too sticky and super hard to blend. One user even went so far as to say, "I don't even know how to describe how bad this is" (via Influenster). As with most beauty products, there's often no knowing until you try ...