What It Means When You Have A Mole On Your Neck

When was the last time you took a good look at your neck? Chances are it plays a major part of your skincare routine, as its often recommended that you moisturize your neck as well as your face, Particle notes. Certain fabrics can often aggravate the skin there, leading to conditions like acne and drier skin.

Your neck is also a prime spot to be sunburnt — especially the back. If you have short hair or keep it up in the hotter months, chances are you've had a bad case of sunburn at some point back there. And because that skin has been exposed to the sun, you may even have some moles back there that you're not aware of.

All it takes is a handheld mirror to take a look, which you should do anyway now and again just to keep an eye on them. There is a risk they could become cancerous, but only if you don't spot the signs of melanoma early. Prevention and attention is key, but most of the time they're harmless, according to the UK's online health directory Patient.

But what does a mole on the back — or the front — of your neck symbolize?

A mole on the right side of your neck can be a lucky sign

To determine the symbolize of a neck mole, it all depends on exactly where the beauty mark is on your neck. According to Feng Shui Beginner, women who have a mole on the left side of the neck may have a tougher time in relationship compared to their right-mole counterparts — as a mole on the right side of your neck can signify "wealth and abundance in life," as well as a high probability of being happily married.

A mole on the back of the neck can be beneficial for progressing in a career, and can symbolize a person who possesses "determination and courage with big dreams." But, according to Times of India, this position can also represent someone who is "aggressive" and rather quick to get mad. 

A mole on the front of the neck, though — this is a little more unlucky. Per Times of India, it can represent someone "easily succumbed to people with evil intentions," as well as someone who may find themselves with some complicated financial and personal (relationship) matters. On a more optimistic note, however, the outlet notes that a mole here means that you may be more prone to the arts "and possess a good voice."