What It Really Means When You Have A Mole On Your Leg

Maintaining one's health is of utmost importance in life, but it isn't always easy. For example, when a mole appears on your body, you may believe it's benign and a symptom of age, not something sinister. However, moles on the body can mean different things depending on where they're located. What it means when you have a mole on your scalp is different from what a mole on your cheek represents, and the same goes for having a mole on your behind.

When people have moles on their legs, too, it can mean something about their health and should be checked out. Interestingly, some believe moles to be symbolic as well. According to The Times of India, moles on one's legs/thighs symbolizes that they're courageous and resilient. Which leg the mole is on can determine its symbolism, too. A mole on the left leg could mean you're "artistic by nature," while a mole on the right leg could mean you'll benefit greatly from the loves in your life.

While these symbolisms are interesting, moles also have health implications that should be considered when moles are noticed on the body.

Leg moles can mean success or they can be cancerous

Moles are often benign and can appear increasingly with age, but sometimes they're indications of serious health problems and should be checked out by doctors. According to WebMD, melanomas form most often in women in their lower legs, so moles forming in these spots should immediately be examined. Moreover, these cancers and moles can form more often in places that receive the most exposure to the sun, which includes our lower legs. This is one reason why women's bodies suffer melanoma formations there most. (Meanwhile, melanomas afflict men more on their backs.)

One thing to watch closely for with moles is how they change over time. According to The Mayo Clinic, leg moles are one of the mole categories that can change the most. They can become discolored or change in shape, and these are typically signs that the mole has turned cancerous, though this isn't the case 100% of the time. Still, some believe moles on one's leg can mean such good things as financial and career success in life, per Manorama Online.

Ultimately, leg moles, like any other mole, should be examined by a medical professional once you notice it — and especially if you notice stark changes in its appearance.