What It Really Means When You Have A Mole On Your Behind

Most people have at least one mole on their bodies. Unfortunately, they're not all as cute as the one on Marilyn Monroe's lip. Moles pop up everywhere — from arms and legs to your stomach. Yes, that can also sometimes include your behind. Of course, having a mole on your backside isn't the end of the world. In fact, it could mean something super specific about your personality.

Just like reading your horoscope or learning your start chart, looking at where the moles are on your body can actually say a whole lot about you (via Times of India). Even the placement on your left or right butt-cheek can mean the difference between a life of poverty and creativity. Who knew one little dot could mean so much for your life?

Of course, your mole placement is not the be-all and end-all of your life. But it is neat to see how the placement of the mole on your behind lines up with your current life path. Here's everything you need to know about the moles, so you can read your future. 

A mole on the left side could mean that you're poor

Let's start out with the not-so-great fortune. If you've got a mole on the left side of your bottom, the future doesn't look too bright — you know, if you believe in that sort of thing. According to the Times of India, if you have a mole on the left side of your butt, you might suffer from poverty. That seems like a pretty intense reading of a tiny little dot, but there you have it.

The Hans India's prediction actually goes a little deeper than that, saying that people with a mole on the left side of their butt often are extravagant, which is what perhaps leads to the poverty. There really are no positive readings of a mole of your left butt-cheek. According to both publications, the left side dot also indicates a deprived life. Again, pretty bleak on the readings. 

While this isn't enough to book a doctor's appointment to get your mole removed, maybe it's time to check your spending habits. 

Right-side moles are a sign of creativity

When it comes to moles on the right side of the bottom, you've got a bit more positive reading — or, you know, as positive as news about a mole on your butt comes. The Times of India says that a mole on the right of your behind means that you have creative freedom. There's even a chance that you will be artistic and will someday become an artist. Of course, this could manifest as a hobby or a profession. 

There's another upside to the placement of your mole. The publication states that it also means that you have wisdom. We're not sure how that correlation is made, but it's a lot better than being money-starved. 

It is worth noting that while it's fun to read into the meaning of your mole, you should also be sure to check the color, size, and shape of the mole. According to Cleveland Clinic, you should make sure to get your moles checked if they bleed, change color, or become tender. Other than that, you're good to just let people read your fortune.