DeMarcus Family Rules Season 2 - Details We Know So Far

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in August 2020, Netflix debuted a brand new show to binge through quarantine: "DeMarcus Family Rules." The show follows Rascal Flatts band member Jay DeMarcus, his wife, Allison DeMarcus, and their two children, Madeline Leigh and Dylan Jay. Each episode displays the interesting dynamic that exists between kooky and laid-back Jay and rule-following Allison, per Country Living.

If you recognize Jay or any other members of the DeMarcus family, it's because they have appeared on "Chrisley Knows Best" as friends of the Chrisley family. In fact, it was Todd Chrisley who convinced Jay to appear on his very own reality television show. "A TV show wasn't really in our thoughts," Jay told Taste of Country. "We had gone on ["Chrisley Knows Best"] a few times and had fun — they're dear people and great friends of ours. But after a few episodes, they took us out to dinner one night, and Todd said, 'I think you guys have a show.' He had to talk us into it, but as it unfolded, we developed a love for doing it as a family. That's what makes it special."

Will there be a second season of "DeMarcus Family Rules?" Read on to learn more.

When will the second season of DeMarcus Family Rules premiere on Netflix?

At this point, Netflix has not released any information regarding if and when a second season of "DeMarcus Family Rules" will premiere on the streaming service. The first season of the show consists of six episodes and debuted on Netflix in August 2020. Judging from the comments about the show on Twitter, it appears as though viewers are desperate to see a second season. "Y'all are hilarious! I need more #DeMarcusFamilyRules ASAP! Six episodes was not nearly enough!" one user tweeted.

Given the fact that COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into the filming schedules of many reality shows, it could be a year or more before viewers get another chance to see what's going on in the DeMarcus household. "We're trying not to look too far ahead," Jay DeMarcus told Forbes. "We're hoping that everybody enjoys this first season enough for us to even get a second season."

Those who have yet to see the show can watch the episodes on Netflix now. 

Who will appear in the second season of the show?

While no news has been released about a second season of the show, it is likely that the DeMarcus family will be returning if it does debut on Netflix. The DeMarcus family consists of Rascal Flatts bassist, Jay DeMarcus, his wife and former beauty pageant winner Allison DeMarcus, and their children, Madeline Leigh and Dylan Jay, per Country Living. Prior to meeting Jay on the set of the Rascal Flatts music video for "These Days" in 2002, Allison was Miss Teen USA in 1994, Miss Tennessee in 1999, and Miss Tennessee again in the 2002 Miss USA pageant. Jay and Allison were married in 2004.

Extended family members and friends of the DeMarcus clan also make an appearance on the show, including many of Allison's extended family members like her mother Miss Jane, her sister Amy, musician James Otto, her niece Ava, and her friend Paige, per Taste of Country. "Jay's lived a very public life all these years," Allison told Taste of Country, "And I have through him, but not quite as much. So filming the show was different, and it wasn't easy at times. But it was great because I felt like we were going through the same things that most people go through at various times in their lives."

The DeMarcus children still remind Allison of her "biggest parenting fail"

Contrary to her carefree, goofy husband, Allison DeMarcus tends to be a bit more uptight and a lover of spreadsheets and rules. In fact, each episode of "DeMarcus Family Rules," as the title suggests, revolves around rules that Allison has come up with for her family. One of her most important rules has to do with being open and honest with her children. "The most important thing that being a parent has taught me is that you have to be upfront and honest," Allison told People. "Your kids are gonna see through if you're trying to put 'em off or not really answer the question. They see right through you through all that."

This honesty is also, at times, used against Allison in a playful way by her children — especially when they are recounting her "biggest parenting fail," which occurred when she forgot to pick up her 8-year-old son, Dylan, from camp. "I didn't go pick him up so he was just there, hanging out," Allison told People. "The camp was on this farm, so there's no cell service; they had no idea I was on the way. It was not next door. It really was a confidence booster for him when I showed up and he was like, 'Uh, did you just forget about me?' [I said], 'No, I did not forget about you, I forgot about what pickup time was.' And he has never let me forget that, of course."