The Truth About Jayne On I Love A Mama's Boy

There are few things more complicated in life than getting along with your in-laws. But, in the case of TLC's "I Love a Mama's Boy," it's nearly impossible for the featured women to bond with their partners' mothers because, as the title suggests, these men are unhealthily attached to the women who gave birth to them. The men on the show tend to either half-heartedly fight back against their mothers' controlling nature, or succumb to it completely, reasoning that their partners should simply get used to always coming second. 

In the case of mother-son duo Tracy and Bryan, it's a strange mixture of the two. As E! News notes, Bryan's mother Jayne appears blissfully unaware of the disruption she causes in her son's life. From taking over his wedding to gatecrashing his honeymoon, Jayne interferes in almost every aspect of Bryan's relationship! As Tracy struggles to set boundaries, Bryan's loyalty to Jayne means he's unable to prioritize his new wife and her needs. Will Jayne ever stop meddling and, more importantly, find love for herself beyond her son?

Jayne puts Bryan first

According to Reality Titbit, Jayne's dedication to her son stems from the fact she raised him as a single mother and worked two jobs to support them. Now that he's grown up and moved out, Jayne does everything she can to be part of his life, including cooking for him and doing his laundry. Even though Bryan has his own home, wife, and kids, he remains unable to get out from under his mother's thumb — maybe because he doesn't really want to. As Season 2 of "I Love A Mama's Boy" details, Tracy attempts to get along with Jayne, but she's understandably annoyed by her husband's inability to stand up to his mother, especially when Bryan invites Jayne on his honeymoon with Tracy.

Viewers took to social media to criticize Jayne's actions, with one fan writing on Twitter, "Hey Jayne, here's an idea stay home with the kids and let the newlyweds go on their honeymoon alone #ILoveAMamasBoy." Thankfully, the happy couple is still together, despite everything that's happened on the show. As Meaww reported in October, the unhealthy dynamic between mother and son runs both ways, and Bryan seems reluctant to allow his mother to move on and find love beyond him. Hopefully, Tracy, Bryan, and Jayne can all be on the same page moving forward.