Ted Cruz's Tweet About Gavin Newsom Has The Internet Seeing Red

California Governor Gavin Newsom has plans. After he says his children called him out for working too much, and after he dropped out of sight for nearly two weeks without revealing where he went, he opted to do what he thought was the right thing this time, by announcing he would be celebrating the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday in Mexico with his family, while his deputy, Lt. Governor Eleni Kounalakis takes on the role of acting governor since Newsom is out of state (via CBS Local). 

But neither Newsom's plans nor his move to be transparent about his plans sat too well with Senator Ted Cruz, who once again took to social media to call out a political nemesis. This time, Cruz shared a tweet from fellow Republican and California State Senator Kevin Kiley claimed Newsom had left California "in the throes of a 'State of Emergency,'" and then added a comment of his own. "Cancun is much nicer than Cabo," Cruz tweeted

Social media was stunned by Cruz's brazen reference to Cancun

Social media can only be described as stunned by the audacity of Cruz's tweet since it brought to mind his February trip to Mexico when he sought to escape Texas' killer cold snap and then sought to blame the trip on his daughters. In all fairness, this isn't the first time Cruz made a reference to his own trip to Mexico. But just as it wasn't funny the first time around, the internet didn't think it was funny this time either.

One Twitter user snarled: "There's nothing funny about a Senator who runs away to a beach in Mexico while the people he represents are suffering from a massive storm and are without electricity" along with the hashtag #CancunCruz.

Another distraught social media user tweeted: "Every time he tweets this stuff I think of my grandmother who was worried about freezing, my aunt/uncle that took care of her by bracing terrible road conditions, & all of the other Texans who died because they didn't have people like that. @tedcruz, you're disgusting."

A third killed two birds with one stone by defending Newsom and going for Cruz at the same time, saying: "One guy extended an order that has been going on for 20 months to try and prevent the Covid spread ahead of the winter months. The other guy just abandoned his state and tried to throw his daughters under the bus. See the difference[?]"