If You're A Cancer, This Is The Perfect Coffee Order For You

Understanding how your zodiac sign influences your behavior is an essential aspect of intuitive growth. The better you know yourself, the easier it becomes to manage your interpersonal relationships and lead a happier, healthier lifestyle. Even something as simple as knowing what coffee to order based on your zodiac sign can lend perspective on how your preferences reflect your personality. This is especially true if you're a Cancer, as the perfect coffee order for you is one that hones in on your homebody nature.

According to InStyle, Cancers crave security in every area of their lives. Cancers are often self-protective and gravitate toward anything that makes them feel safe and comforted. This extends to the type of coffee they order since Cancers are usually creatures of habit and like to have a go-to choice whenever they're frequenting their local cafe. If you're a Cancer and you're nodding your head in agreement with these facts, then we have some seriously comforting coffee suggestions for you to try if you're still looking for your signature drink.

House coffee and French-pressed café au laits are the perfect choice

Cancers are water signs who like to infuse comfort and compassion into everything they do. This extends to preferred beverages and pastimes, such as sipping a hot cup of house coffee while snuggled up in bed on a lazy Sunday morning. House coffee is the perfect order for you if you're a Cancer, because it feels like a taste of home: Warm, reliable, and heartening (via FabFitFun). You can add any type of coffee creamer — non-dairy and otherwise — to your house blend to make it less bitter.

In addition to cozying up with a mug of house coffee on the weekends, you can try another Cancer-approved beverage that's similar in nature. A French-pressed café au lait is a slightly more sophisticated take on a traditional coffee order. Combining dark roast coffee and steamed milk, a café au lait provides a kick of caffeine with a subtler aftertaste (via Real Good Coffee Co.). Using a French-press to brew the coffee enhances the experience because it provides you with a cafe-quality beverage from the comfort of your own home.

A gourmet coffee that you don't have to leave home to get? Yeah, that sounds like something a Cancer would love.

Order a caffè mocha, vanilla latte, or banana bread latte for something different

According to astrologer Kim Green, "Cancer rules the home, hearth and mother. Cancer also rules the stomach, so anything that's filling and comforting is going to be for them" (via Eating Well). This is why a vanilla latte is the perfect coffee order for you if you're a Cancer. Vanilla lattes provide a sense of comfort and fulfillment with more sweetness than a traditional house coffee. Plus, you can have any type of milk steamed for your latte which means it's conducive to any type of dietary restrictions or general preferences you may have.

For something slightly more daring, but equally fortifying, try an iced banana bread latte. Cancers are imaginative, emotional beings, so ordering a coffee that breaks the usual beverage boundaries is appealing to someone who likes to keep things creative. An iced banana bread latte consists of espresso, banana syrup, hazelnut syrup, any type of milk you like, and a drizzle of caramel at the end to bring the flavors together (via PopSugar). Doesn't that sound amazing?

Cancers also gravitate towards coffee orders that feel sentimental, such as caffè mochas. This type of drink combines hot chocolate and espresso which beckons forth fond childhood memories of sipping cocoa around the holidays, but with a slightly adult twist (via Coffeespiration). Now all you need to do is grab a good book and get comfortable on the couch, and you'll have the perfect Cancer afternoon.