If You're A Pisces, This Is The Perfect Coffee Order For You

Pisces are the "youngest" sign of the zodiac. Lasting from mid-February to mid-March, the zodiac wheel ends with this sign, meaning it's the final and therefore youngest sign each zodiac year. This lends itself to why Pisces are so creative and willing to explore the arts and other passions with ease, per Allure. This doesn't mean they're inherently immature, though, which is something everyone gets wrong about Pisces.

Immaturity manifests differently in each sign, and Pisces' natural inclination toward being free spirits shouldn't be seen as such. Instead, people of this sign need to bend their life toward what's going to be best for them. For example, Pisces should befriend certain other signs, and Pisces should add certain things to their self-care routines to ensure everything is best suited for them. 

This level of attention should even be applied to their coffee order, which fuels their artistic endeavors (and Pisces are naturally creative with their drinks, too).

For a Pisces, sweet yet deep flavors are a must

In addition to being artistic, Pisces are also known as dreamers because of their strong imaginations. Because of this, the perfect coffee order to reflect Pisces' traits is the affogato, according to Spoon University. Simply, the affogato is espresso poured over ice cream which combines to make a sweet yet strong treat. Some may think of it as a dessert, but Pisces think of it as a go-to coffee drink. After all, what's the difference between ice cream and the sweetened cream that other signs put in their coffee, anyway? A Pisces will also enjoy trying different ice cream flavors in their affogato, showing off their creativity.

Similarly, EatingWell notes that Pisces are naturally drawn toward frappes. Frappes are blended drinks that typically fall on the sweeter side of the coffee spectrum, which Pisces adore. This applies to their preferred Starbucks order, too. According to Delish, Pisces can (and should) always rely on the Java Chip Frappuccino to get them through the day. This Frappuccino combines coffee with chocolate to make the perfect deeply flavored drink for Pisces who can appreciate both the sweet and bitter undertones of both chocolate and coffee.

Overall, sources agree that Pisces will most enjoy blended or otherwise cold beverages, all of which need a decent level of sweetness without overpowering the coffee's deep flavor notes. Happy drinking!