The Strange Picture Michael Cohen Tweeted That Is Creeping People Out

Michael Cohen has found himself in the news a lot lately since he was released from house arrest on November 22, 2021 (via the New York Post). He was arrested for a whole slew of things during his time as former president Donald Trump's lawyer and right-hand man. He was moved from a prison cell due to the COVID-19 pandemic and got to spend the end of his three-year sentence from the confines of his home.


Now that he is free, he vows to continue to cooperate with law enforcement (via The Hill). "My release today in no way negates the actions I took at the direction of and for the benefit of Donald J. Trump," Cohen shared in a press conference, adding, "I will continue to provide information, testimony, documents and my full cooperation on all ongoing investigations to ensure that others are held responsible for their dirty deeds and that no one is ever believed to be above the law."

Now that Cohen is free, many are not looking forward to his return to the World Wide Web after a questionable post he made a while back.

Michael Cohen tweeted an odd photo of his daughter

Michael Cohen's return to life outside of a prison cell has some people worried, as his past contributions to websites like Twitter and Instagram have been less than savory. According to Newsweek, Cohen tweeted a photo of his daughter in black lingerie. If that isn't weird enough, when someone replied to him saying, "POTUS wants to date his daughter, the VP calls his wife "mother," and DJT's attorney posts spank-bank material of his daughter," Cohen shot back, "Jealous?" (via Women's Health).


Of course, people were not happy with that answer. One Twitter user responded, "no...completely and totally creeped out." Another Tweeter shot back, "This type of reply might be more creepy than you posting the pic, bro." Clearly, people were creeped out.

While most of Twitter was put off by the photo and the following comments from Cohen, his daughter was not upset by the post whatsoever. Samantha Cohen told theĀ Daily Mail, "My father, who has always been supportive of my endeavors, was merely expressing his pride."