If You're An Aquarius, This Is The Perfect Coffee Order For You

Ah, Aquarius: the air sign that many believe to be a water sign because "aqua" is in its name. Still, Aquarius' main trait of drifting wherever they need to go remains; they just float with the breeze instead of the water's current (via The Times of India). This informs their everyday lives and their life on a big picture scale. They have to find people who understand and accept this, so Aquarius needs to befriend other certain signs or else they might find themselves platonically brokenhearted. Likewise, an Aquarius needs to marry a certain type of person, and an Aquarius should even do a specific self-care routine optimized for their astrological makeup.

Aquarians' peculiarity extends to the smallest things in life as well, including their coffee orders. Some Aquarians may not drink coffee, but others might depend on it like it's their life force. Such is their free-spirited nature. Still, one coffee order remains the best for this sign, even if they don't know it.

An Aquarian's coffee order must be free-spirited like they are

Aquarius is one of the visionary signs of the zodiac, which is why they wander in life. To accompany them on their journeys, they need a coffee order on which they can always rely. Because of this, there are two perfect coffee drinks for an Aquarius, and both accentuate Aquarius' natural inclination towards creative expression.

According to EatingWell, the best coffee order for an Aquarius is actually a drink that begins in the tea realm. That's right: they recommend Aquarians drink a dirty chai, which is simply a chai latte with added espresso. Chai lattes are warm and impactful like Aquarians, and the added espresso helps them stay fueled all day long to ensure they get wherever in life it is that they're going. This also shows their creativity, as they're ordering a combo drink.

On the other hand, Spoon University suggests that Aquarians are best off ordering cold brew. Cold brew is made by steeping coffee grounds in cold or room temperature water; heat is never applied. This correlates to Aquarians' passivity when it comes to conflict while also showing their creativity because cold brew is endlessly customizable, especially at a coffee shop.

Finally, if an Aquarian ends up at Starbucks and doesn't want either of the aforementioned options, they should opt for a blonde espresso latte, per Delish. Blonde espresso has more caffeine than its standard counterpart, which is the quirky mark of approval that any Aquarius wants (and demands) in life.