Emmy Rossum's Brunette Look That Fans Envy

If there's anyone who makes us want to embrace our naturally curly hair, it's Emmy Rossum. The "Shameless" star frequently rocks her natural tresses, and whenever she posts a snap of her coils on Instagram we have major hair envy. Not only does Rossum have perfect ringlets, but the shade of her hair is also just as gorgeous. She's one of the few actors who embrace their signature color in almost every role. Whether she's singing in "The Phantom of the Opera" or fighting the elements in "The Day After Tomorrow," Rossum's brunette locks are camera-ready.

Rossum has been vocal about the items she uses to maintain her beautiful curls. She uses her Instagram account to gather information from her followers, writing in a March 2018 Instagram post, "I am the guinea pig for all products so you don't have to buy and try, I'll do it for you." Apparently, Rossum's try-and-buy method worked, as she posted her favorite Devacurl products to her Instagram stories back in 2018. She included the company's cleanser, conditioner, ultra defining gel, and styling cream and credited them with improving the overall look of her hair, per New Beauty. The New York Native also swears by using a diffuser to create the perfect coil once her hair has been washed and her Devacurl products have been applied. 

Now that we know how to master our natural hair, it's time to tackle Emmy Rossum's brunette look that fans envy. Her signature espresso color is truly divine.

Emmy Rossum's brunette hue is a glossy rich espresso

So, you're ready to book an appointment at the hair salon, and you want to make sure you're describing Emmy Rossum's brunette hue perfectly. We've got you covered! According to Byrdie, Rossum's color is best described as a glossy rich espresso. Because it's Rossum's natural shade, it helps to have a few more defining characteristics in your vocabulary to make sure you get the hair of your dreams.

Request the dark brown color at the root and throughout most of your tresses, but ask if your colorist can blend some golden brown highlights throughout the ends, suggests The Hairstyler. This softens the tone of your hair and provides you with a color that looks more natural. Pretty easy, right? Not only will you emulate Rossum's gorgeous brunette hair, but you'll also look super trendy.

And as Glamour reported in July, iced espresso hair is the next big thing. Everyone from Olivia Rodrigo to Megan Fox has embraced this new hue. Colorist Rex Jimieson told Glamour that he recommends staying " ... within one to two levels of your natural hair so the grow-out doesn't appear too light." Jimieson also says that the espresso color is flattering for every skin type, which makes it even more appealing. Plus you don't have to worry about maintenance as much with brunette hair as you do with blonde coloring, so you won't have to make as many trips to the salon throughout the year.