What It Really Means When You Have A Mole On Your Chest

When it comes to the human body and health problems, moles might seem mundane. However, they're not without their own scares. Many may not know the difference between a mole and a beauty mark or that moles can be dangerous if left unchecked. Their location on your body can also determine how they affect you. The meaning of a mole on your cheek might be different from the meaning of a mole on your behind, for example.

A mole on your chest might mean something even different than a mole anywhere else on the body. According to The Times of India, the astrological meaning of chest moles centers on one's life and overall stability. The side of the chest the mole is one can also affect its meaning. A mole on the right side of the chest symbolizes that one will bear daughters but face financial hardships throughout their life. Meanwhile, moles on the left side of the chest could symbolically indicate that you're clever and wise but on the other hand unable to grasp social skills.

While symbolic meanings are interesting, there may also be serious health implications if moles remain unchecked.

Chest moles can turn cancerous if not watched

Moles should be checked by doctors to ensure they're not causing any internal issues. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the chest is one of the places on the body where people most often get moles, and chest moles especially need to be examined due to their higher rate of sun exposure as compared to other areas on the body. Moreover, the chest is the most common body location in which men develop melanoma, perĀ WebMD.

Melanoma is a class of skin cancers that develop when one's melanin cells are altered for some reason, per the Mayo Clinic. They're also the most dangerous class of skin cancers, which is why chest moles are so important to check. Sun exposure can enhance one's risk of developing melanoma, and people under 40 are experiencing increasingly higher rates of melanoma. Like any other moles, chest moles can change in appearance and color, which is something that should be watched. Changes in these aspects could mean the mole has turned cancerous.

Most of the time, a chest mole doesn't mean anything is out of the ordinary, but they should still be checked just to be sure. Of course, there's always the fun of looking into symbolic meanings, too. Manorama Online further adds that moles in the center of your chest indicate that you're in deep financial debt and struggling to get out of it. It may even mean you're pious as a person.