Royal Expert Shares How A Childhood Encounter Impacted Kate And William's Romance

Prince William and Kate Middleton are one of the most beloved couples in the world. The pair captivated fans when they announced their engagement in November 2010, per Hello! Magazine. The couple married the following year in a stunning ceremony that was watched around the globe. 

Recently, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge celebrated their 10-year anniversary and honored the milestone by sharing some new portraits of themselves (via the Mirror). Body language expert Judi James tells the outlet that the Cambridges look happy and very much in love in the photos.

"The couple look blissfully happy together but rather distanced from the audience. William's mouth-smile is wide but his eyes look slightly wary, not of Kate but of the camera and the attention," James said. "There is a rigidity of arm and hand positioning that suggests William will be pleased when the session is over and he has Kate to himself again."

It seems that after 10 years of marriage, William and Kate are still head-over-heels for each other. Meanwhile, while fans may believe that the couple's love story started in 2002 when they met at college, the pair actually crossed paths years before.

William and Kate first crossed paths as children

Marie Claire reports that, long before Prince William and Kate Middleton met at college, their paths crossed when they were just 9 years old. Kate's school, St. Andrew's Prep, and William's alma mater, Ludgrove Prep, met for a hockey match, and the future Duchess of Cambridge took notice of the young royal. 

"Although she wasn't especially interested in boys, the arrival of one particular young man had caught her attention," royal expert Katie Nicholl wrote in the book "Kate: The Future Queen" (via Express). "William, like Kate, loved sports and was one of the best hockey and rugby players in his year. Of course, the arrival of the Prince generated a flurry of excitement."

Nearly a decade later, William and Kate had a proper introduction while attending university, and the rest is history. They now hold high positions within the royal family and share three adorable children together, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. 

However, the Duke and Duchess likely have fond memories of their early days.