What It Means When You Have A Mole On Your Elbow

Whether on the wrist, neck, shoulder, knees, toes or stomach, moles seem to attract a lot of attention. Everyone wants to know whether theirs is really okay, or if there is some hidden medical issue it relates to, some deeper meaning it carries. Considering how common they are — everyone actually has at least one mole, says the American Skin Association – it is important to note that moles are usually not things to be bothered about. They are merely caused by a cluster of pigmentation cells under your skin. That explains why people with lighter skin tones get moles more than those with darker skin tones (per Everyday Health).

These scientific facts have still not stopped people from seeking any extra significance to the moles they have on their bodies. Many people have several moles, ranging between 10 to just under 40 of them, per Everyday Health. By extension, moles on different parts of the body have now picked up different connotations. One on your chin? That shows how caring you are, per Cosmopolitan. If you find one on one of your lips, it means that you are the type of person to get a little too dazzled around members of the opposite sex, per Times Of India, and you are considered wealthy and full of love when you have one or more moles on your stomach.

But how about your elbow? What might a mole there mean?

Are elbow moles good luck or bad luck?

Don't hold your breath for too long on this one: Moles on either of your elbows generally point at a life of wealth and abundance, per Times of India. The positive connotations of elbow moles don't stop there. A mole on your elbow could also mean that you enjoy helping people and providing support for them. A keen eye for arts and bonding with nature are some more traits ascribed to people with elbow moles, per Times of India.

The good luck attached to the elbow mole spreads further down to the hands. It is believed that moles on either of your hands may be proof of how hardworking, tenacious, and brainy you are, per Times Of India. But this seems to apply only to men. Women with moles on their hands are ascribed with a penchant for spending and flamboyance.

Other lucky moles you can have are moles on your forehead, eyelid, lips, chest, and shoulders, among others (via Times Of India).