New Documents Reveal Andrew Cuomo's Naughty Office Talk

Andrew Cuomo, the former governor of New York, has had quite the 2021 and his controversies aren't over yet. The findings in the Cuomo investigation have been staggering, and new details appear to paint him in an increasingly worse light. In fact, the situation is so severe that his brother, Chris Cuomo, has been indefinitely suspended from CNN, where he hosted his own television news series (via CBS News).

According to The New York Times, Andrew resigned in August 2021 after facing sexual assault allegations throughout the year. Moreover, the former governor was charged in early November 2021 in a sexual misconduct case in which a former aide came forward saying that Andrew inappropriately groped her. She's one of multiple women that have come forward throughout 2021 with alleged sexual assault cases against the politician.

Matters only got worse after Andrew's split from Food Network star Sandra Lee. Now, new documents reveal specifics of Andrew's naughty office talk, the results of which include his brother's suspension. Apparently, he took his split from Lee to heart.

Andrew Cuomo's rumored to have had sexual relationships with his staffers

New documents reveal that former New York governor Andrew Cuomo frequently talked to his top staffers in inappropriate manners. According to the New York Post, Cuomo wanted to get over Sandra Lee following their split by finding someone "who was fit and could keep up with him." He was known to frequently brag about his stamina and his stature, and — making matters worse — would say these things to his staffers who couldn't consent to such talk because they were on his payroll.

These new details come from Steve Cohen, an adviser and lawyer for Cuomo. In addition to talking to staffers sexually, Cohen revealed that he'd heard rumors of Cuomo having sexual relationships with staffers as well. Moreover, he said Cuomo was known to flirt and speak sexually with campaign fundraiser guests in addition to his staffers. According to Cohen, some of Cuomo's naughty office talk included him "questioning his masculinity."

According to Spectrum News, Cohen resigned from his Cuomo-appointed economic development job in late August 2021 after Cuomo had also resigned. He's publicly supported and defended Cuomo throughout his sexual assault allegations. Ultimately, Cuomo's situation is only worsening with each new detail that's revealed.