Brian Laundrie's Parents Are Making A Major Life Change

If you're like us, you were following the case of the missing person, Gabby Petito, closely over the months her story unfolded in the media. It was heartbreaking when the remains of Petito were discovered close to where she and her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, were last seen on a camping trip in Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park (via CNN). When she was found deceased, all eyes were on Laundrie.

When Laundrie went missing himself, which we now know was him fleeing authorities, the attention turned from Brian and onto his family (via Complex). From the beginning, internet sleuths and casual followers of the case alike thought the Laundrie family knew more than they were telling the police and that seemed to be confirmed when they were the ones who discovered his belongings in the nature preserve he fled to, along with the gun authorities believed he used to kill himself. However, they failed to alert police of the weapon due to what they described as a "frenzy scene."

Now, the Laundrie family has become one of the most despised families portrayed in the media due to what many believe is their willingness to stand in the way of justice to protect their son. As a result, they're making a big life change.

The Laundrie family are selling their Florida home

After all the bad press the Laundrie family received in Florida, it seems they are ready to leave their neighborhood. According to the New York Post, Brian Laundrie's parents have placed their home on the market. It is not specified where they plan to move and if it is within the state of Florida, where their son took his own life.

The home in question was the scene of extensive searches. The last activity at the property was a search that led to discovery that a pistol was missing from the home. The family attorney, Steve Bertolino shared, "While law enforcement was at the Laundrie home on Sept. 17 to complete the missing person report for Brian, we volunteered to surrender all guns in the home to avoid any possible issue going forward. While retrieving and taking inventory of the guns, it was realized one pistol was missing," he said.

The home was also rumored to be the hiding spot of Laundrie, where internet sleuths claimed they saw a man hiding in a flower bed. Of course, there was no evidence of that (via the Independent). Now, the house is on the market for someone else to call home.