Did William And Harry Really Avoid Each Other At This Event?

Speculation surrounding how Prince William really feels about Prince Harry has been brewing for years after the brothers fell out of favor with one another around 2018 (per the Daily Mail). 

Harry and William allegedly fought over numerous topics regarding Harry's wife, Meghan Markle, and it doesn't seem like the brothers are planning to reconcile any time soon. The fact that William and Harry have not been present in the same place at the same time since July 2021 — when they unveiled a bronze statue of their late mother, Princess Diana, in the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace — further fuels rumors of their estrangement (via Hello! Magazine).

Royal watchers were hoping to finally catch a glimpse of the brothers attending an event together this past week, as William and Harry were set to meet recipients of the Diana Award ahead of the official ceremony taking place on Dec. 9, 2021. The award, founded in 2017, is bestowed upon outstanding young individuals who create positive change in their communities and was established in memory of Princess Diana, who was a dedicated humanitarian.

Both William and Harry have supported the legacy award since its creation. So did they get together for this year's event?

William and Harry hosted separate meetings for Diana Award recipients

According to the Daily Mail, Prince William and Prince Harry effectively avoided each other at this year's Diana Award event by choosing to host separate meetings with recipients of the award. William hosted an in-person meeting at Kensington Palace with 10 recipients from the U.K., and Prince Harry hosted a virtual meeting with 10 recipients from across the globe from his home in California. Though it's unclear as to whether this was done intentionally to avoid each other, the decision strayed from the duo's tradition of jointly meeting with recipients.

"Both brothers really wanted to take part and both were keen that it happened on the same day," a source told Hello! Magazine. "It's a special award in memory of their mother and that still unites them despite everything that has happened." Princess Diana's brother, Lord Charles Spencer, will host all 20 recipients at Althorp House on Dec. 9, 2021, in lieu of the brothers' traditional ceremony.