Nail Art Trends Everyone Will Be Asking For In 2022

According to Vogue, the spring/summer 2022 runways and street style encouraged the idea that style is about to become more "creative" and "authentic" than ever before, and that includes your nails. We could not be more excited for maximalist style to continue its reign from 2021 through the new year, so if you feel like you missed out on some of the fun style trends of 2021, we recommend starting to get comfortable with the bold and the bright, starting with your nails (via StyleCaster).

From funky accents to colorful French tips, nail artists are changing the way we think about basic trends from years past and giving us so many ideas on how to incorporate the styles we see on the runway onto our nail beds. That being said, let's take a look at the nail art trends that everyone will be asking for in 2022. Get ready to make an appointment at your favorite nail salon!

Embrace the drama with stiletto nails

What better way to make a statement than with powerful pointed stiletto nails? Just like their namesake, these nails make a statement and are sure to give you a little bit of confidence walking into any meeting, date, or night out.

According to Harper's Bazaar, designers like The Blonds and LaQuan Smith had their models rocking these bold nails down the runway for their spring/summer 2022 shows. While Harper's Bazaar admits that these nails aren't the most "practical" for completing everyday tasks and chores, designers selected these nails to match their over-the-top looks on the runway.

There are so many ways you can style these show-stopping nails. Whether you choose a fun nail art design, paint them a bright neon color, or even add embellishments to match the drama of the pointed tips, the options for how you can customize these nails are truly limitless (via The Trend Spotter).

The more bling the better

If you thought sparkles and embellishments were just for the holidays, think again. There are plenty of ways to add some bling to your nails in 2022 that can be understated, professional, and classic — not just something to match your over-the-top New Year's Eve outfit.

According to Harper's Bazaar, you can try crystal tips to elevate your style and look truly elegant. To take it a step further, you can also outline your nails in tiny gems to take the tips to the next level. Or, if you want to make a statement, go  glam and take some inspiration from Rebecca Minkoff's spring/summer 2022 fashion show where her models embraced glitz with crystals covering their entire nails (via Elle).

If you're looking for some more inspiration, the New York City-based nail artist Nails by Mei has tons of examples to browse through that show how you can add little bedazzled embellishments on your nails from flowers to BTS designs.

Florals for spring ... groundbreaking

If you're like us, then daylight savings and the sun setting at 4 p.m. isn't exactly your favorite thing in the world. But don't worry, there are plenty of ways to add touches of spring into your life until that time of year finally rolls around.

Bustle recommends adding some cute daisy accents to a simple black nail in order to add a touch of light and color to your nails during the winter months. Cosmopolitan also shared some examples of floral nail art and suggested getting inspired by Markarian's spring/summer '22 show which featured floral designs on turquoise nails to compliment looks inspired by 1940s and '70s style fashion.

If these gorgeous yet simple floral touches in the show don't have you aching for spring, then we don't know what will. Although Glamour notes that this nail art trend was super popular in spring 2021, let's be honest: Do florals really ever go out of style? We don't think so either.

Tiny accents that make a big statement

If you're not ready to make a bold statement with a stiletto nail or a glam crystal tip, start off slow and ask your manicurist to incorporate tiny, understated accents onto your nails. If you want to follow nail art trends seen on the spring/summer 2022 runways, Harper's Bazaar recommends designs like hearts or little flowers. That being said, you can add any accent imaginable from stars and animal prints to abstract lines and dots (via Byrdie).

The best part? You don't even have to break the bank at the nail salon to try this trend. Consider purchasing some nail stickers from brands like Inked by Dani and Olive & June that you can find at your local drugstore in order to add fun details to a plain nail color (via Cosmopolitan). This trend is easy, simple, and affordable, so there's no excuse to not give it a try in 2022.

A different kind of French manicure

French manicures don't just have to be a basic light pink nail with white tips. There are so many ways to get creative with this classic mani, like adding a colorful tip. For her spring/summer 2022 collection, Collina Strada had her models strut down the runway with metallic pink tips to compliment her bold and dazzling designs (via Harper's Bazaar).

According to Elle, there are other ways you can evolve a French manicure — like by flipping the line that typically goes across the tip of your nail by 90 degrees and adding a fun color. Models at Peter Do's spring-summer 2022 fashion show rocked this trend with black nail polish for a classic, yet innovative look that Elle explains "will never go out of style."

If you're not feeling any of these new takes on the French manicure, go with the traditional style! It's timeless and goes with any outfit. You really can't go wrong.

Embrace the 1970s with wavy nail art

According to Who What Wear, '70s trends like psychedelic prints and bold patterns are back in style and were frequently featured on the spring/summer 2022 runways. While you might be confused as to why you're seeing so many trends from decades past on your Instagram feeds, Heather Newberger, author of "How to Date Your Wardrobe," gave some insight to Today. Newberger explained that since "fashion tends to work in 30-year cycles," many of the trends people loved in the 1970s and '60s appeared in the fashion of the '90s, and are currently being "reconceptualized" by Gen Z. That being said, you probably want to be prepared by adding some '70s inspired pieces back into your closet and incorporating some groovy designs in your nail art.

Whether you choose a wavy line design, flower accents, or a checker design, there are plenty of adorable ways to add some '70s flair into your nail art (via Who What Wear). Huda Beauty shares that you even can find celebrities like Saweetie and Kendall Jenner rocking "the wavy nail trend" if you're in need of some more inspiration.

Channel your inner Taylor Swift with red nail polish

We know you've been streaming "Red (Taylor's Version)" nonstop, so you might as well fully embrace the 10-minute version of "All Too Well" and choose red for your next nail color. This color is timeless, and you can have it on your nails all the way from Christmas through Valentine's Day. Whether you pair red nail polish with your clothes, lip color, or even shoes, it's almost impossible to style this hue in a way that doesn't look classic.

If you're looking for the perfect shade of red, let us help you out with some suggestions. According to InStyle, Art Walk in Suzie's Shoes by OPI is the perfect option for a polish that will stay on for weeks without chipping. If you're looking for a good drugstore option, Byrdie says Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Rhapsody Red should be your go-to. And if you're wondering what the best shade is for the winter months in 2022, try Dior Vernis in Pandore.

Animal prints from cows to zebras

Animal prints are always a good option to add some fun to any outfit, so why not incorporate one of these designs onto your nails? Cosmopolitan notes that zebra print nail art will be trendy in 2022 and was featured on models' nails at the Rodarte spring/summer 2022 fashion show. But just because zebra is in style doesn't mean you should stray away from trying other animal patterns.

Who What Wear shares that there are plenty of takes on the cow print trend without making it look tacky. Try using complimentary colors to add some color to this pattern that is typically black and white, or paint your nails with a clear base coat and add whatever color you want as the spots — and don't be afraid to get creative!

If you want to try out this nail art trend at home, Harper's Bazaar recommends checking out animal print nail polish strips at the drugstore.

The time for neutrals is now

Neutrals are another timeless nail color option that will always contribute to a sleek and classic look. According to Elle, models at the Ulla Johnson spring/summer 2022 fashion show all wore a nude polish to compliment their looks. InStyle also reported that other designers like Jason Wu kept their models' nails natural looking to keep the attention on his floral-inspired designs. In other words, there's no need to take away from a fabulous outfit with super loud nail polish, so keep it simple and go for neutral tones.

OPI has a great selection of nude nail colors that can be matched to a variety of skin tones. If you're looking for simple and light shades of pink to bring out blush tones, InStyle recommends Mischo Beauty's polish in Worthy, Static Nail's "sheer nude rose" polish You Make Me Blush, or Mind Your Mani from Dazzle Dry.

Pearls will add a touch of elegance to any look

While celebrities and influencers have made pearls the It accessory of 2021, expect to see this gem incorporated into nail art in 2022. According to Who What Wear, although pearls had already been trendy for a few months before 2021, they became especially popular following the presidential inauguration where Vice President Kamala Harris, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, Jennifer Lopez, and poet Amanda Gorman were all spotted with pearl accessories. This style will only continue to get bigger in 2022, so try out some fun pearl nail art the next time you do your nails!

If you're going for something dainty and elegant, Bustle suggests adding pearl embellishments to the outline of your nail to upgrade any outfit. Or follow some nail art inspiration from Glamour and paint your nails with a milky white polish. Then attach some pearls to the bottom of your nail bed outlining your cuticle. If you want to take your look to the next level, L'Officiel provided examples of pearl accessories and stick-ons that you can add to your fingers and hands for "a feminine detail as an alternative to more flashy manicure looks."

Don't keep black nail polish looking basic

While black nail polish may seem like the most boring and obvious trend of all time, hear us out. There are so many ways you can get creative with black polish, whether it's by adding designs like simple black hearts to a nude polish, trying metallic lava tips, or even incorporating tiny black pearls for an elegant look (via Bustle). Black-painted nails on their own can make statement, so if you're not ready to go crazy with embellishments and accents, just do a solid coat of black polish and you'll still look chic.

If you're looking for the perfect gift during the holiday season for a Harry Styles fan in your life, we've got you covered. Styles just released black nail polish in Inky Pearl from his new beauty line, Pleasing. The polish has a glossy black hue with deep, shimmery blue undertones when it catches the light. Polishes like Inky Pearl are so fun because you basically get two nail polish colors in one, and you can also mix and match with other colors like Perfect Pearl, Pearly Tops, and Granny's Pink Pearls.

Try bright pastel nails to manifest a bold year

According to StyleCaster, bright colors will continue to be trendy in 2022, so don't be afraid to go for bold hues when it comes to picking a polish. Cosmopolitan recommends bright pinks and blues inspired by Alice + Olivia's fun and flirty spring/summer 2022 collection where all the models were sent down the runway with fun pastel nails.

If that's not enough to convince you, pastel colors can actually make you feel more relaxed, and don't we all want to feel like that going into the new year? Who What Wear explains that in her book "The Psychology of Fashion," fashion psychologist Carolyn Mair, PhD, says, "We want soft fabrics, soft silhouettes, and pastels feel soft, psychologically." That being said, these colors also "feel gentle and soothing," which draws our eye to them. So bring some peace to someone's life with soothing and fun pastel nails!