Go-Big Show Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And New Details

Talent shows are pretty common these days, but, as its title confidently implies, the "Go-Big Show" blows them all out of the water by simply, well, going bigger. The show, which debuted on TBS in January 2021, takes the old showbiz maxim "go big or go home" to its natural conclusion, as Sounds Like Nashville notes, with participants competing for the chance to win a massive $100,000. 

Hosted by comedian Bert Kreischer, the many bizarre and wonderful talents are judged by an all-star panel comprising hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg, actor Rosario Dawson, country star Jennifer Nettles, and pro-wrestler Cody Rhodes. 

Most talent shows focus on song and dance numbers, but not the "Go-Big Show." In fact, on the series, acrobatic gymnasts perform comfortably alongside alligator trainers and stunt archers.

"It is basically an extreme talent show," Nettles explains. "We have so many talent shows now that are basically singing or dancing. This is everything except that plus fire. It's extreme motocross, extreme body manipulation, extreme animal wrangling, extreme trick shots, extreme everything. It's a ton of fun, a ton of adrenaline, a ton of laughs. ... It's a big shot of adrenaline and a boat full of belly laughs for sure." 

Unsurprisingly, the first season of the "Go-Big Show" was a huge hit, with fans clamoring for a second season almost immediately. Here's everything we know so far.

When is Season 2 of Go-Big Show premiering?

Fans of the "Go-Big Show" can rest easy. In July 2021, just a few months after its debut season finished airing, Deadline confirmed that the extreme talent competition had indeed been renewed by TBS. The network ordered another 10-episode run, with production slated to begin in Georgia the following month. 

The "Go-Big Show" was an unexpected hit for CBS, ranking as the network's No. 3 cable comedy and pulling in over 34 million viewers. The show impressed with its combination of crazy talents and emotionally charged behind-the-scenes stories from the various contestants.

"When you find a show and personalities that come together so authentically and bring joy and wow to an audience, you go big with your commitment to it," said Brett Weitz, general manager of TBS, TNT, and truTV. "Viewers turned in week after week to see both what amazing acts our contestants could perform and what our judges' reactions would be. We are committed to bringing this type of television to our fans for years to come." 

The official "Go-Big Show" Twitter account subsequently confirmed that Season 2 was dropping on Jan. 6, 2022.

Who can we expect to see on Season 2 of Go-Big Show?

When Deadline initially announced that the "Go-Big Show" had been renewed for a second season, it also reported that judge Snoop Dogg had pulled out due to that old chestnut: scheduling conflicts. Taking his place was fellow hip-hop star and super-producer DJ Khaled, who was also serving as an executive producer for Season 2 of the hit talent show. 

Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Nettles, and Cody Rhodes are all set to return as judges, alongside Bert Kreischer as the host. However, the following month, The Wrap reported Khaled had dropped out to be replaced by another beloved rapper, T-Pain. It was unclear why Khaled exited the project. 

Nettles told Sounds Like Nashville that becoming a judge on "Go-Big Show" appealed to her because it was a challenge. "As a performing artist, it's always intimidating whenever you offer sort of a qualification for how somebody else is performing or singing," she explained. "This, on the other hand, is all about art and all about adrenaline. Can you go as big as you can really against yourself? It's whoever gets out there and does the best them that they can do and offers the judges the biggest feeling. So it's go big or go home and that, to me, was really, really exciting." 

What can we expect to see on Season 2 of Go-Big Show?

The "Go-Big Show" has an irresistibly wild premise, particularly for a talent show. But, as Talent Recap notes, the Season 1 winner was horseback rope artist Tomas Garcilazo, who impressed the judges with his routine's deep connections to his family. As a result, it's clear that the panel wants to be moved as well as shocked by the various performances. 

The trailer for Season 2, shared by the show's official Twitter account, showcases motocross, people running around on fire, death-defying leaps, and even wrestling moves (which should impress AEW star Cody Rhodes). Judge Jennifer Nettles made it clear to Sounds Like Nashville that the featured stunts are no joke, confirming that emergency medical services are on hand at all times just in case. 

"They had them standing by for the extremity of the acts, but really they had them standing by for the judges because several times I swear that my heart stopped in the middle of the show," she admitted. "These contestants are super talented and have [put] a ton of hours into what it is that they do and more than anything a ton of heart." 

Season 2 should go even bigger.