What You Should Know Before Growing Your Edges Out

Edges are a natural girl's best friend. Thus, losing your edges is a pain unlike any before. Let's face it — laid edges can make or break a look. And, without them, your natural hairstyle is not complete.

But luckily, you can grow them back. It might take some time, but there are some things you can do to speed up the process. The first step is to know what took your edges off in the first place. Per Allure, edges are extremely fragile and therefore are susceptible to breakage from too-tight ponytails, box braids, and even wig glue. That said, knowing how not to stress your edges is your number one priority as you're growing them back.

If your edges broke off, even without stress, then you may have a hair condition which will prevent your edges from growing out again, the outlet said. Per Cosmopolitan, medical conditions like hormonal changes, thyroid disease, or even medication can all cause a thinning hairline. You may have even heard of alopecia, which causes your hair to slowly fall out, as the reasoning behind your lack of edges. The best solution to these problems is to see a doctor (via Allure).

Can oils help you grow your edges back?

The haircare market is a billion-dollar industry for a reason. The number of products marketed towards "solving" your hair problems is astronomical. But don't be fooled. Not all products are good for the health of your hair. According to Allure, there are no specific products needed to aid in the regrowth of your edges. Whatever hair care products you use to moisturize your curls can also be used for your growing hairline. "The conditioners, oils, and moisturizers that are applied to other parts of the hair can be applied to the hairline," Kari Williams, a celebrity hairstylist, said. "I think that so much time and effort is put into smoothing/slicking down hairs that are meant to curl, that we are destroying our scalps. The best technique is to be gentle and not pull them, brush them and slick them every so often."

Cosmopolitan added that if you really want to help your edge regrowth journey, the best thing you can do is eat your veggies. Yes, that's right: A meal consisting of fruits and vegetables will aid your hair growth. Stock up on that squash and broccoli, please.

Aside from that, the best thing you can do is be patient and gentle with your hair. Give it the love and care it needs.