Did Instagram Make Press-On Nails Trendy Again?

The nail community is a committed one. They are on top of trends, shapes, and colors, and are always on time to get their fills. Then, the pandemic happened and places were suddenly closed. That meant that the nail enthusiasts of the world couldn't easily go get their nails done. That's when press-on nails came in to save the day. While some people say that Instagram made press-on nails popular, Glossy found that it's real roots stem from the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, Instagram did what it does best and made press-ons super popular and trendy.

You've likely seen tons of press-on nail brands pop up on your IG feed lately. These aren't just your cheap drugstore kinds, either. Over the past few years, brands like Static Nails, ManiMe, and Tella Nails have released some incredible prints, colors, and long-lasting designs. According to Glossy, Paulina Galoostian, who works at Who What Wear, even started a press-on nails brand Tella Nails because she couldn't go out during the pandemic to get her nails done. "I didn't really use press-ons before the pandemic," Galoostian says. "When people hear press-on manicure, they don't have a positive sentiment for it. And so we wanted to come with a really curated, chic angle that made people really excited to try something new."

Well, it worked because now Instagram loves press-on nails, and for a good reason.

Press-on manicures have tons of upsides

Press-on nails have generally had a bad rep. Back in the day, they were mainly found at drugstores and meant for young girls to dip their toes into the manicure world. Everyone wanted instead to go get their nails done at a salon. After the world shut down during the pandemic, people were able to flip the script on press-on nails and some major brands popped up onto the scene. Well, onto Instagram that is.

Now, press-on nails are cool again. Publications from Byrdie to Vogue are flouting the trend. There are even a ton of benefits to press-ons. First of all, you don't need to paint them, which has been a hassle of the stay-at-home mani. You can also re-apply these nails right at home and pay one flat price. Not to mention that you are in full control of the design. Once you purchase your press-on nails, you know what you're going to get in the mail. 

Oh, and the price for a set is between $10 to $30, which is a whole lot less than a mani. With all of that in mind, it only makes sense that this would be an Instagram trend. 

Press-ons nail sets are super affordable

The biggest upside to this trend is that it's pretty darn affordable. Byrdie names their top press-on nails brands as Static Nails, which rings in at $16, and ManiMe, which costs a cool $25 per set. Considering it costs upwards to $40 on average for a one-time manicure, press-ons make getting nails done attainable for many more people (via Cosmopolitan).

On top of the great cost, there's also the added bonus that you can reuse these press-on nails as many times as you'd like. Many of them also come with different size nails, so you can fit the ones that are best for you and even share sets with friends who have different sized nails. It truly doesn't get any better than this. 

Bottom line: This is way more than just an Instagram nail trend. Press-on nails started as a great stay-at-home option and quickly grew into something that is sure to be here to stay in the beauty community for a while. With new brands and different designs popping up all the time, press-on nails are back.