The Big Sacrifice Kate Middleton Is Expected To Make This Holiday Season

Prince William and Kate Middleton are two of the busiest members of the British royal family, but that doesn't mean they skimp out on their Christmas traditions. Hello! reports that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, usually have a very fun and full schedule during the holiday season. The Cambridges' festivities usually kick off with taking a family photo for their annual holiday card. They also spend Christmas with Queen Elizabeth and gather with the rest of the family at her residence of Sandringham for Christmas Eve where they decorate the Christmas tree.


Of course, they are plenty of presents to open as well. The outlet reveals that while the queen usually gifts her family some expensive presents, the rest of the royals often buy one another joke-like gifts. The family attends a church service on Christmas Day and then has a luncheon afterward. The royals are also said to spend the day after Christmas, or Boxing Day, together. The day usually consists of the family doing some fun outdoor activities including horse riding.

While the royals' holiday traditions sound like a blast, it may also be a bit sad for Kate, who is said to make some big sacrifices for the firm around Christmas time.

Kate sacrifices time with her family during the holidays

According to royal expert Katie Nicholl, Kate Middleton is an important member of the royal family as the wife of Prince William, the future king. Sadly, this means that Kate often has to do things differently than she would like as a member of the firm, and is known for putting her "duty before self" (via Express). For Kate, this often means that she has to forgo time with her parents and siblings in order to be with the royals during the holiday season.


"In the early years of being a family, they did try to alternate Christmas, one year with The Queen and the Royal Family and the next year with the Middletons, but Kate and William put duty before self and we can see that, more now than ever," Nicholl told the outlet. "So there is a sacrifice on Kate's part because Christmas is a very big thing for the Middleton family, but they put The Queen first and make sure they are there on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at Sandringham," she continued.

However, since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge likely celebrate the holidays, that means twice the celebrations. "It's probably a lot of fun for the Cambridge children that they get to celebrate Christmas twice — once with their great-grandmother and the Royal Family and then again with the Middletons at their Bucklebury home," Nicholl explained.


It appears that the Cambridges are in for a fun and busy holiday season.