Have Jalen Rose And Molly Qerim Called It Quits On Their Marriage?

Back in 2016, former NBA player Jalen Rose and journalist Molly Qerim made their relationship Instagram official. Over the years, the pair have been notoriously quiet about the details of their relationship. The couple might have had a reason to keep their romance under wraps, as they both work together for ESPN, according to USA Today. In 2018, according to Page Six, the pair were married in an intimate ceremony in New York City. Shortly after their ceremony, the pair jetted off to Turks and Caicos for a romantic and picturesque honeymoon.

Qerim spoke about balancing her personal and professional life with Rose during an interview with Uproxx in 2017. "I think balance is everything we're all trying to figure out, right?" Qerim told Uproxx. "Regardless of what phase of life we're in, regardless of your career and of your relationship. That's just something that I'm still continuing to learn and still continuing to juggle. Obviously, my career is demanding, but I love what I do at the same time. It's just kind of prioritizing and working your schedule so you can make everything happen."

Rose and Qerim are officially calling it quits

On Wednesday, court documents obtained by TMZ show that Jalen Rose filed for divorce from "First Take" moderator Molly Qerim back in April 2021. In an Instagram story, Rose revealed that the pair have been officially separated for a year. "After being separated for almost a year, Molly and I have officially decided to go our separate ways," Rose said on social media, according to USA Today. "We both agree remaining friends and colleagues is the best course of action for our relationship moving forward. Please respect our privacy at this time." According to the court documents obtained by TMZ, Rose is not seeking alimony and Qerim is not asking for spousal support. They did not sign a prenup and Rose was moved to file for divorce after Qerim moved from their home to Connecticut.

While they may be getting a divorce, a source close to the couple told the New York Post that they are still friends and ended things amicably. "They were friends before they were together and are still friends," a source told the New York Post. "They saw each other at work today and it was totally normal. They worked to keep their relationship status private over the last year because they have a lot of respect for each other."