Try Out This Makeup Trend If You're A Sagittarius

Everyone gets things wrong about Sagittarius, and it's not always their own fault. They're known to be loud, have no filter, and always let everyone know what they're feeling, but this can turn people off from them even though they don't mean any harm (via Co—Star Astrology). Still, they're incredibly friendly because they're so outgoing, and this leads them to making friends rather easily. Others just might not know they're about to be friends with a Sagittarius until the friendship is already sealed and done.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, but they're not as hot tempered as an Aries. Instead, they turn their fire into passion, which is what naturally leads them to be so outgoing and loud. However, not all signs can handle this. People under the Sagittarius sign should befriend certain other signs if they want their newfound friendship to last.

Likewise, a Sagittarius needs to take care of their self-care routine. Being so outgoing can leave them drained, but they still always want to present their outgoing self to the world. This is why Sagittarians often employ interesting makeup looks to maintain their demeanor and disposition.

Sagittarius translate their fire sign into neon explosions

Like Aries and Leo, Sagittarius as a fire sign can never be snuffed out. They're proud to represent fire, and they often translate this into their makeup. They want people to know that they represent the hottest element. Therefore, MissMalini explains that the perfect makeup trend for a Sagittarius to try is neon graphic eyeliner.

Sagittarians are free-spirited and adventurous, which is precisely why MissMalini prescribes this sign this makeup trend. Traditional eyeliner is black and is used simply to make the eyes pop; however, colored graphic eyeliners add pops of colors to the eye that can't be achieved with eyeshadow alone. They can create unique shapes and therefore fully transform the eye into something new. Sagittarians should try neon liners specifically because neon liners represent their adventurous side, as well as being unique and hotter than traditional colors.

According to Eyeko, graphic eyeliner of any color can be used in a number of unique techniques. Sagittarians could create a floating crease to look whimsical, or they could use it under the bottom eyelash to add an interesting take on bottom eyeliner. Graphic eyeliner is also great for adding dots and other non-linear shapes due to its steady applicators and formulas. They recommend trying a few dots underneath your standard wing for a subtle but effective twist on your daily eyeliner.