The Best Stocking Stuffers From Anthropologie

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When it comes to the holidays, every gift counts. There's something so fun about picking out the perfect gift for someone you love. Honestly, sometimes, stocking stuffers are even better than big gifts. Filling oversized socks with tons of little gifts? Yes, please. If you're looking to up the ante with your stockings this year, Anthropologie is the place to search. The brand has such cute little trinkets, accessories, and home decor. Anthropologie's stocking stuffers are anything than the typical candy and oranges, my friend. 

It's no secret that Anthropologie has some incredible finds. We're talking super fun printed dresses and some the most gorgeous throws out there. But it turns out that the stocking-sized gifts are just as great. The best part is that if you're looking to stock up on tiny presents, the price tags are also smaller. Anthropologie is not the most affordable brand out there, but these stocking stuffers are incredible at an even better price. It's a win-win. 

If you're looking to amp up your gift-giving game this year, these are the items to add to your stockings. Or, you know, buy for yourself. 

A trendy and functional clip set

While no one is denying that getting your favorite candy in your stocking is great, functional gifts are right up there in joy as well. There's nothing better than getting a gift on a holiday that you can continue to use the rest of the year. Every day you reach for it to get ready is like reliving Christmas morning all over again.

Getting someone something like a clip set ($32) is great because it's, well, a set. You're not just getting one of these gorgeous little clips. Instead, you're getting four. That means functionality and versatility. The big claw clip is perfect for throwing you hair up and heading out the door, while the smaller ones are great for half updos.

These clips are great for so many people, too. All the different sizes make it perfect for all different types of hair. Not to mention the style is a great mix of being trendy and minimal, so it fits with tons of styles. Bottom line: This is a stocking stuffer that would bring joy to just about anyone.

A monogrammed pocket journal

Okay, hear us out. Out of all the gifts out there, a monogrammed gift just hits harder. We're not talking those name towels that hang in the bathroom. We're talking about super cute desk accessories. These are the perfect stocking stuffers. It adds a little thoughtfulness to the gift. Even if your friend or family member isn't an avid writer or note taker, a pocket-sized journal ($20) will hit home. Even if the person only uses it a few times, it will look super cute sitting on their desk all year.

Of course, there is the functionality aspect to this gift as well. Not to mention that it would be super cute stuck out of the top of multiple stockings, sitting in a row. Each notebook comes in all 26 letters too, so there's one for every person on your list. The only catch is that you don't get to pick your color — just your letter. Each notebook is 5 inches by 7 inches, which makes it the perfect size to slip in a stocking. 

Moon print glass candles

These glass candles ($16) are the ultimate gift. Just imagine reaching into a stocking and pulling these out. It's enough to bring a smile to anyone's face. Pair these with a rechargeable lighter, and you have the stocking gift to end all stocking gifts. Whether you're living in a small apartment or just bought your first home, these make for great gifts.

Candles are often hit or miss, but these might be the best gifting candles around. Anthropologie offers three different scents — Black Oak Oud, Silver Conifer, and Pomelo Mint Leaf. Just reading those names seem fancy. Each one comes with a different print too, so you could easily buy the set or stick to the one that you think fits in the house of the person you're giving it to the most.

The candles have a 25-hour burn time, but you could always reuse these gorgeous glasses around the house. Since these are glass, make sure you wrap them in some thick wrapping paper before sticking them in the stocking. 

A zodiac book for every sign

Zodiac sign gifts are great for anyone into astrology. Of course, you will need to nail down the gift receiver's birthday. Once you have that info, these zodiac sign books ($12) are perfect. They are hard covered and 112 pages each. Inside, they outline the personalities of the star signs, which is fun because, you know, who doesn't want to read about themselves. 

Since it gives a bit of a background about each sign, these books are also perfect for someone just getting into astrology, someone that doesn't know anything about it, or even a seasoned pro who wants to know more. They're also available at a budget-friendly price, and make a big impact. Not to mention that the design is absolutely stunning, so it'll be a great coffee table book once you're done reading it. There's nothing better than a gift with multiple uses.

Aromatherapy Shower Gift Set

Anyone that has ever shopped for a beauty lover knows how frustrating it can be. There's no possible way to know what they already own or what they're eyeing without actually asking them — until now. Anthropologie sells an aromatherapy gift set ($32) that is a safe gift for every beauty lover and just about anyone else on your list. 

The set comes with three different steamers. Each looks similar to a bath bomb, but you can use these in the shower. Just break off a piece, put it in the bottom of the shower and get the most spa-like rinse of your life. The best part is that it comes with three different scents so you can pick your form of relaxation. There's a De-Stress, Uplift, and Sleep scent. Basically, a scent for every time of the day. 

The set also comes in a long, thin box. That means that you can easily slip it down into the stocking. It will look amazing and be a stocking stuffer that the person will actually want to use. It doesn't get better than that when it comes to gifts. 

Whether you're shopping for your best friend, your mother-in-law, or your secret Santa, you can't go wrong with any of these must-haves from Anthropologie.