Prince William And Kate Middleton Are Reportedly Taking On This Role In The Royal Family

There is a new item on Prince William and Kate Middleton's to-do list. According to the Daily Mail, the pair is set to take on a new role within the royal family, "taking the lead" in and "acting like a bridge" for younger generations to connect with the Queen. William and Middleton have long been active in royal duties, working to further numerous causes including education and conservation. However, it appears that their new focus in coming months will be to make the Queen and all of the royal family more accessible to the British youth.  

Per Daily Mail, royal expert Dickie Arbiter explained that a special caroling event at Westminster, organized by Middleton herself, went a long way towards showing that the younger generation of royals are doing their part. "It's the third generation taking the lead — we're living in a time, the Cambridge's are the bridge within the monarchy," Arbiter explained. "The carol service was Kate's idea — but it's one way for other members of the royal family, who have all been involved in one way or another on the COVID front, to come together and say thank you."

The carol service included, as to be expected, carols; but also readings and musical performances that included both traditional and new music, per Tatler. The Westminster Abbey choir was the centerpiece of the event, but there were also performances by Leona Lewis and Ellie Goulding. William, British Paralympian and junior doctor Kim Daybell, and Kate Garraway performed readings as well.

William and Kate target younger generations

Dickie Arbiter explained to the Daily Mail that the caroling event was meant to thank those who helped get the country through the unprecedented times of the pandemic. "Whether through their own charities, individuals, Zoom calls with nurses or health workers etc, this was a way of the family coming together to say thanks," he said. And while it was Kate Middleton's initiative primarily, he described it as "almost a joint project with the Duchess taking the lead."

These efforts are intended to expose the younger generation to the efforts made by the royal family to better Britain and the world beyond it. "Young people know who the queen is but they cant quite attune with someone so distant in terms of the age gap," Arbiter said. "When you have people like the Cambridges, they act as a bridge between the young people and older generation."

Middleton and Prince William's romance and subsequent marriage became something of a real-life fairytale to millennials watching their love story unfold. While she was certainly no Cinderella, Middleton's roots outside of palace walls was the thing of Disney imagination. The two captured the hearts of millions of millennials, per Mashable, and went a long way towards getting younger people caring about the royal family again. However, with more millennials supporting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's exit from the royal family and candid communications about the flaw's in its system, according to Marie Claire, perhaps William and Kate can win them back.