What Does The Strength Card Mean In Tarot?

When life gives you lemons but without a recipe for figurative lemonade, you need guidance — and maybe a fast-forward button that gives you a glimpse of what's to come. Unfortunately, we're not in Adam Sandler's "Click," but we do have tools of divination that can act like a roadmap. Tarot cards, as an ancient form of divination, per Tarot.com, are one one of these tools that can help you tap into the energy of the universe as well as your own intuition 

The 78 cards in the deck are divided into 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards. The Strength card is part of the major arcana, where cards give you insight into a broader theme in your life. They can help you recognize long-term patterns and perspectives you may not have noticed in your everyday life. For example, the Magician card could point to a new beginning, while the Chariot could remind you to stay determined, according to Biddy Tarot. Likewise, the Strength card is an important tarot card when it shows up in a reading.

The Strength tarot card wants you to persist

When the Strength card shows up in a tarot card reading, you'll have to contextualize it based on the spread and question you're trying to answer. Essentially, an upright Strength card signifies our own inner strength and willpower to persist, Biddy Tarot notes. Let's say that a passion project you've been working on may not have done as well as you've wanted it to; the Strength card reminds you to keep going and not give in to moments of emotional weariness. The Chariot card has similar themes, but it focuses on outward action and determination. If you draw both the Strength and Chariot cards, the universe really wants you to know what you're doing is going to be rewarded.

If the Strength card appears in reverse, however, it may be time to reflect inwards. Check in on your energy and self-confidence; the card reminds you that your inner strength is still dependable, per Biddy Tarot. According to A Little Spark of Joy, you can apply this advice to relationship problems in a love reading, job rejections in a career reading, as well as health problems.

You're stronger than you may sometimes feel, and this card could be the pep talk you need.