You Probably Didn't Know The Hair Dryer In Your Home Can Do This

Hair dryers are a staple in the average home. The little hot and cool air tool is a must-have for anyone looking to get ready in a hurry. It turns out that the bathroom isn't the only place in the home that they're useful, though. From cleaning and getting rid of pesky stains to even helping in the kitchen, this handheld beauty tool might just be the most versatile appliance in your home. 

The hair dryer is first and foremost created for, well, drying hair. Since its invention over 130 years ago, the little tool has been helping men and women get ready in a rush (via The New York Times). According to Cosmopolitan, you can do everything from getting a great blowout to creating impressive curls. And yes, there's ever so much more. This little tool was made for getting ready, but it actually does wonders for removing stains as well.

Hair dryers are great stain removers

While it won't magically get rid of the red wine that you spilled on your dress, it does get rid of other pesky stains around the house. It turns out the heat from the hair dryer is great for removing all types of wax. According to Bob Vila, a hair dryer can remove wax from wood and crayon from walls and other places you wouldn't typically want to find markings.

The website says to use the hair dryer to heat up the section from which you want to remove the wax. After heat has been applied to it for a bit, use a sponge or old washcloth to scrub it away. Just like that: Your surface is good as new.

That's not the only stain that it can get out, either. You can also remove stickers with the hair dryer the same way — using heat and then scrubbing (via Bob Vila). That goes for stickers that you're getting off of the item you just bought, or you're looking to remove a sticker that was not-so-accidentally stuck somewhere unwanted. 

Use a hair dryer to give your shoes the right fit

The humble hair dryer has a few really great fashion uses as well. You can actually use a hair dryer to resize your shoes (via Mental Floss). It works best with leather shoes, but can be tried with just about any material. Of course, you are applying heat, so just make sure you're keeping your distance from your actual foot. 

It's actually really easy to do, too. All you have to do is set your blow dryer to a medium heat, point it at the area that pinches, and move the dryer back and forth (via CNet). You'll want to wear two pairs of socks just to protect your foot from the heat. All it takes it about two minutes and a few foot wiggles to get the perfect fit. 

That's not the only shoe-centric purpose for hair dryers. If you're looking to give your shoes a little extra shine, you can put a blow dryer to it (via Mental Floss). Again, just make sure you're not getting too close to the shoe.

Adjust your glasses with your blow dryer

If you've ever had glasses that haven't fit just right, you know how frustrating it can be. There's nothing worse than trying to get some work done, but focusing on your crooked glasses instead of the actual assignment. It turns out that you can fix your fit right at home, which is incredible especially if you're not eager to go among crowds just yet (via Mental Floss).

It's pretty easy, too. According to Jonas Paul Eyewear, all you need to do to adjust your frames is to put your dryer on a low setting, hold it five inches away from the glasses, and heat the frame for about 15 seconds. You'll then want to bend the bridge of the frame really slowly until it becomes straight. The website also suggests that you run the frames under cold water when you've got the fit right where you want it.