2021 Hair Trends We Hope Stay In 2022

With a new year comes new trends, including popular hairstyles, hair colors, haircuts, and hair accessories.

Throughout the past year, we have seen — in real life, on celebs, and while scrolling through social media — more and more layers, lobs, bangs, blunt ends, and nods to the 1990s and 1970s, per Stylist and Glamour. We saw edgy mullets, retro shags, and the rise of embellishments such as scarves and clips. There were some who embraced the natural, unfixed, and uncolored hair they were forced to rock during the pandemic, while others have been making up for time lost in the salon, rocking an array of different colors.

Which of these trends will carry on into 2022? Which ones do we actually hope make it into a new year? Down below, we are covering some go-to options that have been on the rise, that are sure to still be around next year, and that we really like having around, TBH!

Layers and shaggy cuts add in movement, depth, and texture

Recently, layers and shags have been in, including bangs, those that frame the face, and some inspired by the '70s. As pointed out in Glamour by Ryan Trygstad, a celebrity hairstylist and a co-founder of New York's Mark Ryan Salon, "Clients are really loving all versions of shaggy bangs and lots of shaggy layers. This style really helps add movement and softness to any haircut."

Since it does add interest and since there are so many ways to add in layers and shagginess, we expect this trend to continue on into 2022, and Southern Living agrees with us, as seen in their recent roundup.

Accessories allow you to add to your outfits even further

Many of us hopped on the accessory train this year, purchasing and showing off hair embellishments. According to celebrity hairstylist Travis Balcke, "the reason we are seeing more accessories recently is because the options are getting better and better" (via Beauty Crew).

Gina Scipioni, director of education for Neuma, expanded on this in Allure. "Anything from headbands, clips, and scarfs to even hair bows were seen through Fashion Week and on the red carpet, helping us know exactly how to style for 2022."

Natural hairstyles give your hair a break and show off what you were born with

Next up is a trend that we were forced to embrace and that has actually been really good for our hair. Aaron Grenia, a cofounder of IGK Hair, discussed how the pandemic led to more natural hairstyles. "Life drastically changed after many months of quarantine and so did our habits, routines, and priorities. We're learning to embrace our truest selves — This means embracing our natural color and texture" (via Cosmopolitan).

Allure agrees that this will continue to be popular, with Fekkai founder Frederic Fekkai encouraging everyone to "embrace what you already have."

A cropped cut is 'easy' and 'effortless'

On a similar note, many went for a cropped cut in 2021, and many more are sure to follow suit in 2022. Naeemah LaFond, the global artistic director at Amika, talked with Glamour about these "easy, effortless looks" and how they can help to shine a spotlight on natural texture.

"The big chop is definitely a cut that isn't going away anytime soon," Jamila Powell, the owner of Maggie Rose Salon in Miami continued, when sharing thoughts on short, cute, and low-maintenance hairstyles.

Pink hair is fun, funky, and for those who are ready for a change

A final look that is sure to enter the new year with us is the color pink. Chris Li, a colorist at Nova Arts Salon, discussed one reason it became so popular with PureWow: "It marks a reset for some people who have the need to feel a bigger change, a start of a new chapter."

This can include a soft rose color, such as the trendy millennial pink, or it could be a hot, neon option, which is bright, bold, and beautiful.