How The Dec. 18 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're A Taurus

Long, long ago, in the days before electric lighting, the phases of the moon were a pretty big deal. Particularly the full moon, as it provided some much-needed extra light for nighttime chores, travel, or just short trips to the outhouse (indoor plumbing was also not yet a thing). These days, we are less likely to be aware of what the moon is doing up there in the sky, but perhaps we should pay it a bit more mind. According to astrology, the full moon can exert a powerful influence –- a near tidal-pull, one might say –- on our stars, which, in turn, may have a profound effect on our own lives. (Or not. Standard disclaimer: there are no guarantees in astrology.)

As per Astrology King, the next full moon will occur on December 18 and will be taking place in the constellation of Gemini. They also add the welcome news that it should be an extra-lucky one as it aspects Jupiter in a "harmonious" way. All well and groovy, but what do these harmonious vibes mean to you if you were born under the sign of the Bull?

It's all about the money

If you're a Taurus, Cosmopolitan says that the Gemini full moon falls in your second house, the one that governs finances. In other words, this full moon is all about the Benjamins -– or perhaps just the Andrews or Alexanders, if you're a somewhat lower roller. Still, there may be additional opportunities to increase your earnings and/or advance your career, with this latter area being aided by that favorable moon/Jupiter aspect. Jupiter, conveniently enough, is located at present in your 10th house, this being the one that governs your professional life.

Vogue Australia, however, cautions that the full moon might shed some unwanted light on any financial missteps you may have made and warns that you might find yourself short of funds or blindsided by expenses you hadn't bargained for. (Maybe you could dial back a bit on the holiday shopping?) It's possible, however, that the full moon could bring some kind of financial closure, so maybe that check that's been in the mail will finally arrive. What you really should do, however, particularly during this holiday season, is take the full moon's spotlight on your finances as your cue to realize that money really isn't everything. Yes, money can help you achieve stability in your life, and stability is super-important to the Bull, but your goal should be to make sure your needs are met without having to spend every moment of the day chasing the almighty dollar.