Try Out This Makeup Trend If You're A Leo

Even though people get things wrong about Leos, one thing that's always true is Leo's natural inclination toward leadership. According to The Times of India, their leadership abilities mean they're creative, though they can make others feel like they're bossy or strict. They're all-in-all a well-rounded sign and stay in the median of many common zodiac traits. They're organized but less so than a Virgo, confident but not as cocky as Capricorns, and feel deeply but not as deeply as Cancers.

Because they're so confident, Leos don't always feel the need to wear makeup. Leo knows their best fashion color palette and they stick to it, though they also know they could branch out if they wanted to. They have an adventurous side, after all. Their presentation is more about their personality and professionalism, but sometimes they dabble in makeup, too. When they do, their makeup is often either striking or professional; they typically go for one over the other depending on the day and/or circumstances.

Still, when a Leo commits to their self-care routine and wants to stunt a new look, one makeup trend stands above the rest.

Leos love pops of color to highlight their eyes

For Leos, makeup is more optional than with other signs, but when they commit to it, they really commit to it. They're confident and understand the structure of their faces more than some signs, and because of this, one makeup trend highlights their features better than others while showing off their striking personalities, too.

According to MissMalini, all Leos look great with an inner corner pop. That is, when you use a bold color in the inner corner of your eye to make a symmetrical, striking look. They don't need a full eye of makeup to know how important they are, which this makeup look showcases. Rather, Leos want others to know who's in charge when they see them. They're the friendly boss who's in charge but likes to show that they're creative and can have fun, too.

To accomplish a flawless inner corner pop of color, Style GPS recommends prepping your eye with eye primer and neutral eyeshadow to create a solid base. Using a neutral shadow will even out your skin so that your pop of color looks even better. Then, simply add your pop of color to your inner eye. Style GPS recommends adding the color to your outer eye corner too to tie the whole eye together, but many people only do the inner corner, which is just as beautiful. The key to them is keeping the color simple. The inner corner is small, so you don't want to blend multiple colors together. Instead, pull out a bold green, purple, gold, or other stunning color and accent your face beautifully.