The Best Crossover Couples In The One Chicago Franchise

The One Chicago universe offers fans seemingly endless entertainment, from dramatic plot lines to tender relationships between characters. And the drama extends beyond the confines of single shows. For those entrenched in the overlapping storylines, there are a few One Chicago crossover couples that stand out among the rest. 

The One Chicago universe includes popular series "Chicago Fire," the first series in the universe that premiered back in 2012; followed by "Chicago P.D.," which first aired in 2014; and "Chicago Med," which followed a year later, per Us.  The shows' premises are fairly easy to guess, given their informative titles. But alongside the house fires, criminal investigations, and hospital stays, the show sets itself up for steamy romance after steamy romance. 

But not all of the couples on the shows work well together, something that the showrunners are aware of. But when they work, Chicago love stories work — even when the characters come from separate shows.

One Chicago crossover couples

Crossover couples don't always make it long term, and there are many reasons for that. But even a short-lived romance can do something for fans. A perfect example of that is Erin Lindsay and Kelly Severide, from "Chicago P.D." and "Chicago Fire" respectively. The two found one another while crossover romances were fairly new, per TV Insider, and ultimately found other partners, but they paved the way for other couples to find one another outside of the confines of their particular shows. And for that, we thank them.

Severide, in particular had some serious romantic success outside of the "Chicago Fire" cast. He also spent time with "Chicago Med's" April Sexton and Anna Turner, per TV Guide. Once again, neither relationship lasted; but both brought out sides of Severide that fans were begging to see. With Sexton he was adventurous and bold, and with Anna he shed his tough exterior for a bit of loving tenderness. As far as characterization through relationships goes, these two really shine. 

Unlike the fleeting romances between Severide and his external Chicago love interests, one crossover couple appears to work: "Chicago Fire" trucker "Mouch" and "Chicago P.D." desk sergeant Trudy Platt. The couple are the only characters from separate shows to find lasting love, per Us. Mouch and Platt continuously bring out the best in one another and fans love to see it. 

While every viewer likely has their own 'ships, these ones are pretty good as far as crossovers go.