The Best Stocking Stuffers From Shein

Fast fashion has taken over everyone's lives. Where a shopping experience once revolved around spending hours wandering stores trying to hunt down that one item you're looking for, it has now evolved into a quick google search with hundreds of affordable results of differing variations. While fast fashion online brands have been under a lot of scrutiny for their non-ethical processes and impact on the environment, they continue to grow at a crazy rate with tons of people relying on their quick and easy affordable options (via Refinery29). 

Shein have led the race to the top of fast fashion brands, the Chinese retailer provides unmatched low prices and millions of products that include dupes and alternatives to popular fashion and style items (via Vox). What's great about Shein is you're guaranteed to find the latest trendy item at a crazy low price point, allowing you to try it out before really investing, especially considering that within a month the trend is likely to have passed. 

When it comes to filling your family or friend's stockings, Shein is the ultimate destination to get fun and trendy things, and we've picked out a list of their best hits all for $8 and under.

For some DIY

When discussing home decor trends of 2021, the same few staple items come to everyone's mind. Pampas grass, silhouette candles, donut vases, pond mirrors, and of course: bubble candles. Coming in varying shapes and sizes, bubble candles have been on everyone's wishlist and The Washington Post even reported that searches for "bubble candles" went up by 7,549 percent over three months in 2021. 

Instead of opting for a simple mini candle to throw into someone's stocking, why not switch things up with a fun DIY Silicone Candle Mold ($2) to turn it into a fun DIY activity?

For some fitness

Everyone dealt with filling the endless lockdown days their own ways. Some chose to embrace the couch potato life while some got super into fitness and spent a lot of time finding a corner of their house to do a home workout video in. With life slowly returning to normal, a lot of people still rely on their trusty home workout videos, and fitness influencers continue to flourish through them (via Cosmopolitan Middle East).

Almost every single one of those videos relies on you owning a collection of resistance bands, so treat your fitness-fanatic friend to this set of Hip Resistance Bands ($5) that they can use at home or in the gym, they come in a variety of fun colors and patterns. 

For some glam

Acrylic and false nails have been a popular beauty trend for years now. But over the past year, fun and unique trendy patterns of nail art have been especially popular, with some people switching up their nail style on a weekly basis. There are so many fun styles and varieties out there that it can be hard to commit to the same one for a prolonged period of time, so what better way to test out different nail art patterns than with simple at-home press-on fake nails. 

This 24pcs Line Art Fake Nail & 1 Sheet Tape & 1pc Nail File ($2.50) set has everything you could need to give yourself salon-level nails, and it comes in the viral popular marbled nail line pattern that everyone loves. This stocking stuffer is perfect for your friend that always has the best nails. 

For some self-care

If you've spent any amount of time on TikTok, you're sure to have seen someone rolling away with some form of Gua Sha or Facial Roller. The Asian-origin beauty tool has gone viral and become a popular tool to use. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, using a Jade-based tool can give you firmer, tighter skin and even help provide definition (via She Knows). 

Your skincare-obsessed friend or family member is sure to be lusting after one of their own, and this 5pcs Gua Sha Board & Facial Roller Massager ($8) set comes with five different shapes and sizes tailored to perfectly sculpt each and every inch of your face! 

For some warmth

While the listed-above all provide fun and unique things to pop into a stocking, you still can't go amiss with a few of the iconic classics. Some chocolates, some basic necessities, and of course — socks

The ultimate stocking stuffer, socks are a must-have. They can come in so many fun patterns and textures, and they're also going to be needed and used during the winter. This cute set of 3 Pairs of Embroidery Detail Fuzzy Socks ($7) come in a set of trendy neutral browns, and are the perfect fuzziness for the colder months. Of course, the adorable embroidered smiley faces are always a plus.