What Becca Kufrin Has To Say About Exes Arie Luyendyk Jr. And Garrett Yrigoyen

Fans of "The Bachelor" franchise have been rooting for Becca Kufrin to find love ever since she appeared on Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season of the show (via Yahoo). While Luyendyk Jr. did choose to propose to Kufrin at the end of his season, things quickly went south for the couple when he broke up with her on national television and admitted that he wanted a relationship with his runner-up and now-wife, Lauren Burnham. 

Kufrin was later named the star of "The Bachelorette," where she eventually got engaged to Garret Yrigoyen. However, the couple couldn't make things work and they ended their engagement in September 2020.

Kufrin later decided to take another shot at finding love when she joined the seventh season of "Bachelor in Paradise" in 2021, and was pleasantly surprised by her romance with Thomas Jacobs. According to Cheet Sheet, the two quickly hit it off, but Kufrin decided to end the relationship in the season finale. However, the pair eventually reconciled off camera and have been together ever since.

During an appearance on the "Talking It Out" podcast, Kufrin revealed how Jacobs is very different from her exes. 

Becca Kurfin revealed what she really thinks of her exes

During her interview on the "Talking It Out" podcast, Becca Kufrin revealed that her relationship with Thomas Jacobs is more passionate than what she had with her former flames, Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Garrett Yrigoyen (via People). 

"The world saw how my relationship with Arie unfolded and how that ended, which was really tough. But there wasn't much dialogue there other than him ending things on TV, and that was kind of it. And then, in my past relationship with Garrett, obviously, the breakup was a lot more private," Kufrin said. 

Speaking on the podcast, Kufrin went on to reveal that she felt both Luyendyk Jr. and Yrigoyen weren't "ready to fight" for her. "I never felt like those two men who, you know, we had promised our lives to each other at one point. You know, I had the ring. We were committed for a short amount of time. But I never felt like they were all in," she added. 

Despite her many ups and downs on the reality franchise, it appears that Kufrin and Jacobs have become a strong couple, and fans no doubt wish them the very best.