Here's What The December 19 Venus Retrograde Means For Water Signs

What your zodiac sign's element really means matters because it can generally detail your dispositions in life, but they might matter even more during retrogrades. For a planet to be in retrograde, its motions must simply be in reverse; it's moving backward for a certain period of time due to gravities and pressures in space (via We then as cosmic beings can be affected by this. After all, this backwards motion is an abnormality in the natural flow of our star system.

Different planets yield different retrograde side effects. Mercury, for example, is the planet everyone discusses when thinking about retrogrades. Mercury retrograde can lead to interpersonal conflicts because Mercury governs how we communicate with one another, per Indian Express, and it occurs three times every year. Venus on the other hand is less talked about, but it can still take a toll on us if we're not prepared.

Of particular note during the upcoming Venus retrograde, which begins on December 19, is the water element. These signs — Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer — all feel emotions deeply and are natural freethinkers (via mindbodygreen). However, Venus is the planet of love, and while it's in retrograde, these signs may face some struggles.

Water signs should return to the water to heal themselves this retrograde

Sometimes it only takes a planet's retrograde to bring out our dark sides. Furthermore, zodiac signs can reveal health information for us, too, which can prove interesting during a time of retrograde when miscommunication is common. This is all especially hard for water signs.

According to Refinery29, Venus only retrogrades every 18 months, though lasts for 40 days. Its retrograde is stronger than even Mercury's because the planet is so close to Earth. It's not a good time to begin relationships or take big steps in relationships, especially if you're a water sign. Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer signs should look inward if they're going to weather the emotional flood. They'll have to create a mental barrier against the emotions strong enough that they feel them to understand them but don't succumb to them.

The New York Post adds that this retrograde will be big for exes trying to return to come back. Water signs may be tempted to fall for this because their emotional wells will be so full, but they must resist. On the other hand, they may be so emotional that they reach out to harmful exes. This must also be avoided. Most exes are such for a reason, and water signs have to remember this when erecting their barrier.

Finally, Vogue notes that water signs will be best healed if they take a hot bath. After all, soaking in water is only natural for them.