Here's Why Jennifer Lopez Is Furious With Ben Affleck

For decades, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been making waves in the entertainment industry. Their relationship kicked off in the early 2000s (via Vulture). The pair first met on the set of "Gigli," which was far from a box office success, but made way for a steamy relationship.

In fact, the couple was engaged by late 2002. However, by 2003, the pair called off their engagement, blaming "excessive media attention" as the cause (via Us Weekly). The pair stayed together, though, and it wasn't until January of 2004 that they officially called it quits.

Now, Bennifer is no longer a thing of the past, per Vox, with J.Lo and Affleck getting back together in early 2021. After Affleck's divorce and J.Lo ending her engagement to Alex Rodriquez, it seemed like it was the perfect time for these lovebirds to rekindle their relationship.

They have been a major topic for tabloid headlines, but now, J.Lo has called out Affleck for something and the drama is heating up!

Lopez was not happy with a recent conversation Affleck had

Before Ben Affleck got back together with Jennifer Lopez, he was married to another Jennifer. Affleck and Jennifer Garner were married for over 10 years and share three children together (via Vulture). However, the actor had less than pleasant things to say about his time in the marriage (via Good Morning America).

When asked about his previous marriage on "The Howard Stern Show," Affleck said, "I'd probably still be drinking." He continued, "It's part of why I started drinking. Because I was trapped. We had a marriage that didn't work."

As it turns out, Lopez is not happy about her boyfriend dissing his ex-wife. A source close to the actress and singer shared with Page Six, "[Lopez] is pissed," adding, "She is getting pulled into this because she is dating him. She doesn't want to be dragged into this." The source continued, "She has met Jennifer Garner. She is trying to get to know her and Ben's kids." J.Lo is not pleased with the conversation that transpired according to this source.

Even some people on Twitter had a problem with the actor's comments, with one person saying, "Ben Affleck really blaming Jennifer for his drinking like she didn't drive his a** to rehab 3 whole years after they announced their divorce?"