The Best Stocking Stuffers From Target

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Unwrapping gifts is special and fun, but unpacking a stocked stuffing from your living room mantel on Christmas morning is an unbeatable feeling. Stockings can be full of candy, toys, small knick knacks, and anything and everything else good in life, and it's like you're opening a whole set of Christmas presents because so many small items can fit inside them.

Each store has its own great variety of stocking stuffers. The best stocking stuffers from Amazon, for example, are different from the best stocking stuffers from H&M. These, too, are different from the best stocking stuffers from Anthropologie. This simply means you may have to make a few extra stops on your Christmas shopping tour to ensure you've found all the right things for your loved ones' this year.

Some of the best stocking stuffers can be found at your friendly neighborhood Target as well. Target is already known for their excellent holiday decorations, but their affordable prices and variety of goods makes them a prime spot for finding stocking stuffers for everyone on your list.

This stocking stuffer is a floral lover's dream

The first stocking stuffer from Target that every fashionista needs is a scarf scrunchie (via BuzzFeed). This accessory contains the usual elastic scrunchie but also has a fabulous bow that will sway as you walk, whether attached to your hand or used in your hair. The floral pattern of this particular scarf is beautiful, especially with spring arriving in a few months, and the additional scarf element takes it over the top.

This stocking stuffer will have your loved one writing in style

We all know someone who likes to journal or otherwise write, so whether they're jotting down poetry, song lyrics, or recipes, they need a chic notebook to contain all their ideas. Enter DesignWorks Ink's Marble with Gold Foil Lined Journal ($4.99). According to The Zoe Report, this item is perfect because it's not too tall or too thick; it won't be too clunky in the stocking. It's also incredibly affordable as well as beautiful inside and out, so it's the perfect gift for someone who can never have too many journals/notebooks.

This stocking stuffer brings space closer to home

If you want to get someone something fascinating, you can always opt for Projectables' LED Plug-In Solar System Night Light ($9.79). According to Spy, this item is perfect for stockings of people of any age. It turns any room into a planetarium, and its product page on Target's website notes that it has the ability to turn itself off and on at dusk/dawn, respectively, so you run no risk of it being on all day long. It retails for just under $10 at Target, which is a steal for a projector.

This stocking stuffer is for those who get worn out around the holidays

The holidays are exhausting, which is why stocking stuffers aimed at relaxation are so important. This is where a sleep mask comes in handy. According to BuzzFeed, this eye mask is so perfect because it's an excellent eye cover and can therefore help you sleep soundly, but it's super cute as well. You'll be looking stylish as you sleep.

This stocking stuffer is personalized for an added special touch

Finally, a personalized gift is always great, including in stockings. In fact, Target sells personalized mugs that will make anyone feel extra special on Christmas morning. The Zoe Report specifically recommends the 16oz Stoneware Monogram Mug ($5), which can be purchased in white or black, but there are other options available. From there, you can customize which initial appears on the mug. You can make a Betty feel special with a "B" mug or a Patricia feel special with a "P" mug — and for a very reasonable price! Mugs are also great because candy or other small items can fit neatly inside of them.

So, which Target stocking stuffers will you be purchasing this year?