The Best Stocking Stuffers From H&M

The holiday season is finally here. It's the most wonderful time of the year for endless reasons. All the festive decor and lights everywhere, family traditions, a cup of hot chocolate with a Christmas movie and fairy lights — and of course, all the gifts! 'Tis the season of giving (and receiving hopefully). 


While everyone's bank accounts take a beating, stores continue launching their holiday gift sets and exciting sales to ease your way, but finding the perfect fit for everyone can be tricky. While you scramble your brain trying to plan that, there is a gifting element that's always fun and easy to pick out — while also being a little easier on the purse strings — and that's stockings.

Everyone has their own traditions and styles of stocking stuffing. You may be a first-thing-Christmas-morning family or prefer to dig in on Christmas Eve. Whether you prefer to fill it with special unique gifts or pack it full of essentials, we've put together a roundup of the best stocking stuffers you can get from the always classy but affordable H&M.


For the sustainable savior

While everyone makes an effort to make more environmentally friendly and sustainable decisions in their day-to-day life, you're likely to have a particular friend or family member that's obsessed with all things eco-friendly. H&M has made commendable efforts to provide conscious and environmentally sustainable fashion and products to help minimize the damage that most fashion brands have on the ecosystem. 


That's why your eco-friend will love these Washable Cotton Pads ($12.99). The cute set comes with ten reusable cotton pads that come in their own organic cotton terry drawstring bag that's perfect to store and wash the pads in. 

For the luxe lover

We all have that friend (*coughs* or are that friend *coughs*) that loves luxury.  This Silk Sleep Mask and Scrunchie set ($17.99) is perfect to turn something as mundane as going to bed into a luxury experience. 2021 has been the year of silk sleep buddies, from silk pillow cases to silk sleeping masks. 


H&M has put together this affordable silky sleep companion that not only keeps your eye area soft and avoid wrinkles, but the silk scrunchie is also great for keeping your hair from getting those pesky hair tie dents. 

For the skincare soul

There's no denying 2021 was an exhausting year. While it took a toll on everyone, it was also a time where a lot of people explored and dedicated more time to self-care. Indulging in a face mask or having a relaxing solo night in was a go-to for a lot of people. It was the year some people discovered and developed in depth skincare routines as well. Suddenly, everyone was trying to take the best care of their skin and keep them looking as young and fresh as possible.


Gua Shas and facial rollers have been viral on TikTok all year, with countless brands coming out with their own versions of the buzz tool (via Teen Vogue). Your skincare obsessed friend is guaranteed to love this Facial Roller Set ($19.99). What makes this facial roller so unique is that it comes with three interchangeable heads with different textures and stones that serve different purposes. 

For the trend tracker

If 2021 has been about one thing, it's bringing back all things Y2K. Classical trends from some of our childhoods have been revived, and everyone is here for it. One of the fun trends that any true trendspotter will notice is that retro beaded phone charms have made a huge comeback(via Refinery29).


Your friend that pays close attention to the latest trends is guaranteed to have a phone charm on their wishlist. This Cell Phone Decoration ($5.99) comes with the perfect combo of stars and a little teddy bear that scream early 2000s fashion! 

For the tie-dye team

TikTok has undeniably been the social media platform of the year. Everyone has spent an unhealthy amount of time scrolling on the app, and while it's all about viral and funny videos — it's also become quite the trendspotting platform. One of the biggest fashion trends to come out of quarantine TikTok scrolling has been Tie-Dye clothing


Starting heavy in 2020, everyone still can't get enough of the trend (via Elle). This Oversized Tie-Dye Printed T-Shirt ($17.99) hits the spot in more ways than one. Not only is it a unique combo of tie-dye colors, but it throws in a bonus trend of the very early 2000s Care Bears which can be spotted in a lot of clothing these days.

For everyone else

Now, perhaps you're struggling to figure out the perfect stocking stuffer for the friend or family member that isn't so vocal. They may have everything they want, making it impossible to treat them. Or, perhaps you're just looking for a simple item that can be thrown into each and every stocking. Well, if there's one thing that literally everyone need it's warmth. 


Christmas time is all about getting cosy and bundled up inside and escaping the cold outdoors, so what better gift than the softest fur to keep your loved ones toes warm all night long. These Faux Fur Indoor Slippers ($12.99) come in two color options and a variety of sizes to keep everyones feet bundled up!