The Best Gifts For The Hostess In Your Life

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There's an art to the craft of gift giving. Of course, you can always pick up a last minute gift card or bottle of wine, if that's your style. But, if you're looking to really nail the perfect gift, there's a formula. Some of the best gifts are the ones that combine what the person loves with what they'll actually use. Bonus points if that object is a little bit over-the-top and not necessarily something that the person would buy for themselves. When it comes to the friend who loves to host, the gifts can be some of the most fun to pick out.

We're not talking hostess gifts, like delivering flowers or a bottle of wine. We're talking holiday gifts for the friend who loves to have people over. These types of gifts are the ones that keep on giving. Not only are you making their day by giving them a gift they'll love and actually use, but you'll likely get to reap the benefits of these gifts at some point as well. 

Here are some of the best gifts to give the hostess friend in your life. Whether you think they need a moment to pamper themselves or want to help them wow their guests, your hostess friend will loves these presents at ever price point. 

The friend who's always in the kitchen

If there's anyone who's going to love a good personalized gift, it's your hostess friend. These engraved wooden spoons ($34) are absolutely adorable, and, as Forbes mentions, a handmade gift is always a nice touch. Even if it wasn't your hands that necessarily made them.

You can devote the personalized handle to a specific friend or write their last name instead. Heck, you could even write a cute little note to the special friend in your life. Not only does the gift show that you put some genuine thought into their present, but it also gives them something to show off when their friends are over or, you know, on Instagram. This is for whichever type of hostess friend they are. 

The friend who loves at-home coffee dates

This gift might be small, but it is mighty. The custom coffee stencil ($9.90) allows you to make any coffee date instantly a little fancier. All you do is hold the stencil over the coffee mug and sprinkle cinnamon or cocoa on top. Any hostess would absolutely love to receive this gift from a friend. Not to mention that you could totally use it year-round as well. 

These stencils might be made for coffee, but they could also double as a cookie topper. Your creative friend will love all the possibilities. You could even pair the stencil with one of another coffee-lover favorite, like a coffee subscription, according to Good Housekeeping

The friend who has everything

We all have that friend who already has one of everything. If that friend also happens to be the one that loves hosting, then this gift hits the nail on the head. People who love to host often either have flowers out all the time or are constantly getting flowers. Why not embrace the love that they get with this adorable trio of vases ($40)? They all go together, but are different at the same time. Bonus points if you also get some fake grass or dried flowers to go with it, because there's nothing a host loves more than making things look absolutely stunning around the house. 

The friend who loves game night

You know that friend who is always inviting you over for game night? This is the gift for them. First of all, the print on this playing card set ($35) is absolutely stunning. From the geographic print on the cards to the stunning box it comes in, this gift will wow any game lover. This is not just your average set of cards that you'll throw in the drawer and wait until you need them, either. The hostess in your life will want to set these out on the shelf for show. Is $35 for a set of cards a little much? Sure, but it's Christmas and this gift will blow any hostess away.

If board games are more their style, you could opt for this Colorful Backgammon Set ($99), according to Apartment Therapy. Bottom line: The more colorful, the better.

The friend who is obsessed with charcuterie trays

Charcuterie boards are having a moment right now. If your hostess friend is always down to make their board perfect, gifting them an upgraded charcuterie board ($78) is the perfect idea. Not only is this tray engraved for a nice little personal touch, but it also has a section to keep your setup organized. The board swivels out to include four different sections and even has a little pull out drawer for cheese knives. Even if your friend already has a traditional cheese board, this is still great for them to have in their kitchen collection. 

The friend who is always down for wine night

We all have a friend who is down for Wine Wednesday, Wine Thursday, and Wine Friday. These wine gems ($19.19) are the perfect gift. You pop them into the freezer and then throw them into a wine glass when your wine needs to be chilled. They won't dilute your wine, either, like an ice cube would, and still keep your drink cold. They're made out of rose quartz as well, meaning you'll get double the great present points if they're into crystals too.

For the friend who is calling for shots

If wine isn't really your hostess friend's thing, then this little shot set ($28) will be for them. The set includes four hand-carved shot glasses from Himalayan Salt, which makes them perfect for tequila. Pair it with a bottle of your friend's favorite tequila and you have a thoughtful gift that will keep on giving all year around. These are also great for you to bring to a friend who is always hosting tequila night, because it's about time you brought something to say thank you.

The friend who loves a good Netflix night

Sometimes, there's nothing better than sitting on a couch and marathon-watching your favorite show with your friend. That doesn't mean that it can't get a little fancy, though. If you're gifting for the friend who always invites you over to chill, these coasters ($18.06) are the perfect present for them. Pair it with a bag of popcorn and a popcorn bowl and you have a super easy and thoughtful gift. These coasters come monogrammed or with pictures on them, so you can add the perfect touch for your friend as well.

If you're not thinking coasters but you'd like to personalize the gift, then Etsy is a great place to shop (via HuffPost). There's everything from headphone holders to socks with your face on them. 

The friend who could use some relaxation

If your friend is always the one hosting, they could likely need a relaxing night. Even if they truly love always having people over, there's nothing quite like a little self-care after everyone leaves. These shower steamers ($21) are the perfect gift for doing just that. All you do is pop a piece into the bottom of your shower and let the smell relax you. These bars come in a set of three — one for Sleep, Breathe, and De-stress — because even hostesses need some me-time.

No matter what your price point or how your friend loves to host, there's a way to nail the perfect gift.