The Best Gifts For The Skincare Fanatic In Your Life

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Scrolling endlessly through skincare TikToks has officially become a favorite pastime for many. What once was a simple makeup remover wipe and moisturizer sesh has now escalated into an 11-step skincare routine. In fact, 2021 has been the year of a lot of change and self-improvement post-lockdowns. While most of us awkwardly attempt to readjust to social interactions, there's one area we feel perfectly at home in — and that's at home, at our sink, and doing our skincare routines. 

It may have started as picking up that one viral blood-looking face mask you saw on TikTok (via InStyle). That then snowballed into innocently checking out what that "Skincare By Hyram" hype was all about (via The Guardian). Fast forward to the end of 2021, and suddenly, products are overflowing across every shelf in your bathroom. 

While having a skincare obsession can make a dent in your bank account, there is a pro to it all: You're no longer lost when it comes to getting your skincare-obsessed friend a present. In fact, we can save you time by showing you exactly what anyone well-versed in the skincare world is likely to be lusting after. This is a list for everyone as well, from the beginners to the skincare masters. 

For the trendy skincare lover

Of the countless brands currently existing and launching onto the market, Glossier manages to maintain its status as one of the trendiest. If you have a social media account, you're probably familiar with the Glossier movement going on (via Forbes). 

That's why The Skincare Edit ($50) is a perfect choice. It comes with an entire skincare routine of Glossier's best-selling products in miniature sizes. It even comes with an exclusive pink logo headband! Whether your skincare fanatic friend is new to the scene or a pro, they're sure to be ecstatic when they unwrap their gift and find this amazing value set inside. 

For the friend who is in the know

It's great when your friend is a skincare-lover and you know they'll be happy with any beauty related gift. Where it gets tricky is when you aren't so big on skincare yourself. How can you know what's hot and what's not? What if that brand you were going to go for has been cancelled or has bad reviews? It's hard to purchase in an area you aren't an expert in yourself. 

As far as new releases in 2021, Topicals has been the topic of many discussions (via The Cut). The simple, no-fuss, no-muss brand came out with two products that were seriously hyped up. Everyone that tried them swore they were holy grail status, and they were constantly sold out. So, it's safe to say you can make your skincare bestie's dreams come true with the Topicals Duo for Dry, Sensitive Skin & Discoloration ($56). They'll even be super impressed you knew it existed. 

For the TikTok skincare lover

2021 is essentially a blur set to the soundtrack of TikTok sounds. Who hasn't hopped on the app for a quick check only to realize three hours have flown by? And it seems TikTok was the star behind a lot of people's skincare journeys this year. Overnight, it became trendy to get your skin in check and everyone's glowing complexions are thankful for it. 

For your skincare-loving friend or family member who is obsessed with scrolling through TikTok reviews, the Glow Recipe Glossy Skin Spell Kit ($22) is an obvious choice (via Allure). TikTokers everywhere have been all about any and everything Glow Recipe, especially with their watermelon range that has gone viral on the app (via The Zoe Report). 

For the gift that keeps on giving

A big gesture gift is always fun to receive on Christmas day, but the fun is pretty much short-lived. So, why not get someone a gift that never ends? For your skincare friend, you could easily get a great product to treat them, but what if you got them multiple products that come multiple times a year? Enter, subscription boxes!

Gifting someone a subscription gift is perfect because they're reminded of just how great of a friend you are again, and again, and again. For a skincare fan, Byrdie recommends a Dermy Doc Box Subscription ($49.99/month). With this gift, you get to treat your friend to an annual subscription they'll receive four times per year, each containing fun products from brands like First Aid Beauty and Naturium. 

For the skincare fanatic who has it all

It's always ideal when you have a friend who is outwardly into something. It makes your job as Santa's part-time elf a lot easier. However, it gets hard when that friend already has everything they want in that category. Sometimes, you're just a little too late to the game. Don't fret, though, there's still something you can get your skincare friend to complement their insane collection.

Skincare-lovers have recently been obsessed with storing certain products in fridges, partly due to the cooling effect it adds but also to help keep them fresh for longer (via Who What Wear). The Fria Skin Care Fridge in Rose Gold ($95) is a beautiful luxe-looking mini fridge that's perfect for them to store all of their faves right in their room. Throwing some snacks in there won't hurt either. 

For everyone after the year we've had

It's been a rough couple of years, that much is undeniable. With everything going on in the world, who hasn't lost sleep? The eye bags we are all sporting certainly aren't designer, and everyone could use something to soothe them. That's where this Aceology's Original Pink Ice Globe Facial Massage Tool Set ($44.80) comes in to play. 

This gift is ideal for a skincare-lover as well as anyone who could do with adding a little TLC step to their mornings to help de-puff and prepare for the long day ahead. In fact, you've likely noticed your favorite beauty influencer rolling away with these ice globes in their latest vlog, so your friend desperately needs them as well (via Self).