Here's What The December 19 Venus Retrograde Means For Fire Signs

Fire signs are known for their passionate stances and dispositions, and the upcoming Venus retrograde may make these fires burn more wilder than ever. Venus is the planet of love, and it will affect every zodiac sign's element in a myriad of ways. Venus' retrograde always affects humans more than other planets' because it's the closest planet to Earth (via Refinery29). This retrograde will also grow stronger as it endures — it concludes at the end of January — so everyone's romantic and personal feelings will be wildly in flux.

The dark side of one's zodiac sign is something that can be pulled out during planetary retrogrades. This is especially the case for fire signs — Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius — which are traditionally hotheaded and temperamental even without an active retrograde (via Women's Health Magazine). This Venus retrograde will be a struggle for them specifically because they will be forced to confront any issues within their personal relationships with others, whether romantic, familial, or platonic. This is the case for all zodiac signs this retrograde, but fire signs will have even more challenges than just their relationships.

Fire signs need to examine their time and money management

Fire signs are susceptible to full moons as well as new moons in addition to planets' retrogrades. Each interstellar phenomenon affects them differently, but the upcoming Venus retrograde may be one of the most powerful forces they've faced and felt in a while. According to Elle, the best way to handle the holiday season during this retrograde is to plan things ahead of time, including holiday seating charts and price ranges for gifts.

These tips are especially pertinent for fire signs. Bustle explains that fire signs will have to adapt to new circumstances by re-evaluating their current ones. Fire signs are spontaneous. This retrograde won't allow this.

More specifically, Leos will be asked to take matters slower than usual, working to evaluate their passions. Aries', though, need to evaluate how they spend their money and where it's coming from. Venus governs over money as well as love, after all. So, Aries will be susceptible to plaguing financial thoughts for all 40 days of this retrograde. Finally, Sagittarius' will need to examine their time and money — but focus more on time. If any of their relationships feel like they're not benefiting them, it may mean it's time to let those relationships go.

Ultimately, fire signs have a lot of work to do when it comes to their time and money management, but if they can put their passion into it, they'll pull through undoubtedly.